Social Media

My adventures with social media

It is official now, though it has been obvious for many years — I am now a social outcast, having lost or closed my last social media account. For many a decade, I was behind in the fast-moving world of technology-enabled interactions between people. Starting from the days of rotary phones (now found only in museums), I was barely able ... Read More »

#WhatHCPsThink: 5 digital behaviours when HCPs use social media

If you are an avid social media user or someone curious about social media, have you ever wondered if individuals behave differently on different social media platforms? Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are among the most used social media platforms globally. Twitter has over 330 million monthly active users (MAUs), while Instagram has over 1 billion MAUs and Facebook has over 2.4 billion MAUs. We have ... Read More »

48% Of Young People Discover Nonprofits Via Social Media: Giving Tuesday Study

New research from the YMCA finds that more than 62% of Americans 18-38 support at least one cause per month — and that they likely learned of that cause through social media. The study, conducted by OnePoll in advance of Giving Tuesday, offers a new look at the way younger Americans interact with nonprofits they care about — and the reasons ... Read More »

Wikipedia co-founder launches social-media website ‘WT: Social’ to take on FB, Twitter

Intending to get right what Facebook and Twitter have so far been getting wrong, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales is launching a social-media website named “WT: Social” which will compete with both the social media platforms. Instead of going for an ad-funded model, Wales aims to finance it through donations, just like Wikipedia. Like those platforms, WT:Social will let users share ... Read More »

French govt seeks to comb social media to detect tax evasion

France’s government is seeking to give the authorities the power to trawl social media for signs of tax avoidance and fraud, according to a provision of the budget 2020 draft law that is being debated in parliament.   The move would significantly enhance the state’s surveillance apparatus online by letting it collect masses of public data, raising concerns from the ... Read More »

Why Your Interview Preparation Must Include Social Media Research

Preparing for an interview feels a lot like dating. In each case, two people that don’t know each other well plan to meet and decide if they want to spend more time together. According to a study of 2,000 Americans, 77% of people researched a potential date on social media prior to their first meeting, looking for insights on their personality, career ... Read More »

Is Posting On Social Media A Valid Form Of Activisim?

Woman holding up sign with hashtag revolution and an urban background. This week speaking at the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago, former President Barack Obama called out those who use social media as a way to shame others, and said that such actions aren’t activism. “That’s not bringing about change. If all you’re doing is casting stones, you’re probably not ... Read More »

SC to hear social media traceability case, Centre to frame regulations by Jan 2020

The Supreme Court will now decide whether social media companies such as Facebook and WhatsApp should allow law enforcement to access encrypted and private social media conversations of citizens. It transferred the various petitions in the matter in different high courts to itself, after a plea filed by Facebook. A bench of Justices Deepak Gupta and Aniruddha Bose said the ... Read More »

WATCH: How JET8 Is Injecting Crypto Into the Social Media Value Chain

Jet8 is taking a new approach to social media and data ownership using blockchain. Chief strategy officer Joshua Thomson sat down with CoinDesk to discuss how his firm is putting users “back in the center of the value chain.” First, the platform enables anyone to create “instagram-like” applications centered on their own interests, hobbies or career. Secondly, members and content creators ... Read More »

Social Media Is Fostering A Big Rise In Real-World Stalking

We’re sharing too much of our personal data online, even when we think we’re playing it safe. Case in point: this week, Japanese police charged a man with assault after he used his victim’s Instagram selfies–and in particular the reflection in her eyes–to pinpoint her local train station. This is an incredible and alarming story, yet possibly its most incredible feature is ... Read More »