Think about what your target audience would find helpful & engaging. Keep a list of your favorite sources so it’s quick & easy to find links when you do status updates.

SOCIAL MEDIA TIP: Share links to relevant industry news & blogs.

Do you find yourself at a loss when it comes time to making updates on social media?

An easy way to get started is by sharing other people’s content! Put your own spin on it with a short comment.

Regularly posting informative articles to turn your page into a trusted resource for relevant information. You can add a short comment with why you think it’s important to share.

Increase engagement on your social profiles

More interaction on your Facebook page means more people are likely to see the status updates of Fans who like your content or leave comments about what you’ve posted. Links are an easy way to post regularly. Add a photo to make it pop.

LinkedIn now has LIKES & comments on your updates, and this will also help boost your visibility with your business connections. The new layout really highlights links with the title and a short excerpt and a photo.

Twitter updates with links are more likely to be retweeted.

What types of links should you post?

Your social media strategy should include identifying who your target audience is and what they are interested in. Remember, it’s not what YOU are interested in… it’s about YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE will be interested in.

Articles that pertain to community interests are a great way to provide information and keep people coming back to your social profiles for more. For example, music producers may post a link to the latest concert in their town. A dentist might link to an article about the newest toothbrush on the market.

Mix in links to your own website and blog

You can also link to individual blog pages on your website that feature articles. This is a great way to direct traffic back to your site.

Plan ahead to make it easy to post status updates

Next time you are browsing around getting caught up on industry news, bookmark or make a list of good sources. Look for industry news sources – online magazines or blogs. If you aren’t sure where to start, find your topic on, a collection of headlines of the latest stories from the best sites and blogs that cover a topic. You can also look on SmartBrief and have your headlines delivered to your inbox from thousands of sources.