The Latest in Retail Assistance Technologies

Whether in the retail industry or wanting to buy products, the latest retail assistance technologies have made shopping more enjoyable and convenient than ever. With new technologies, customers can shop on their mobile devices, and stores can create a virtual fitting room that is more realistic than ever. These technologies also ensure that products are in stock when needed. AI-Powered ... Read More »

What Causes a Jammed Printer?

A jammed printer can be frustrating and may need expert help. The printer may be asking for the wrong size of the paper, or it may be requesting the wrong paper type. The printer may need to be repaired or replaced if it keeps jamming. The printer may also need maintenance or repair of parts through a professional repairer like ... Read More »

4 Advanced Methods – Improve Your SEO Ranking Now!

How can you improve your website views? The Internet is a marketing tool that never sleeps. It’s always daytime on one side of the world and customers everywhere can always be viewing your webpage 24 hours a day. However, millions of businesses have websites; there exists around 700 million active websites on the Internet. How can you separate your website ... Read More »

Intelligent Machine Control: Komatsu strikes hard with the Komatsu’s PC210LCi-11 excavator

Komatsu’s latest excavator entry into the market comes from the iMC 2.0 platform that spits 165HP with its all new powerful engine and labeled as the PC210LCi-11. This excavator is a class above the rest says the regional sales director of Komatsu Asia who also indicated that the new excavator is a contractor’s solution for a versatile machine. Komatsu proudly ... Read More »

Flipping the gaze back on the myth of bad behaviour

Raunak was six years old when he was punished by his teacher for “bad behaviour”. He was made to sit in his class during break time for a week. And what was the “bad behaviour”? Raunak had not been regular with his homework, and in the class, rather than sitting and working, he would be found staring out of the ... Read More »

Why Was Mahatma Gandhi Killed?

As is their wont, our new rulers can be relied upon to convert Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th anniversary into an event on a staggering scale; but it is important not to be taken in by this grand lip-service. Rather, it is imperative for every Indian to remember that the greatest Indian of the 20th century was killed in cold blood when ... Read More »


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has postponed the launch of its Perseverance rover mission due to a processing delay encountered during the encapsulation activities of the spacecraft. The launch has also been deferred due to contamination issues in the ground support lines in the space agency’s Payload Hazardous Servicing Facility (PHSF). Earlier, the Perseverance rover mission was scheduled to ... Read More »

Phage therapies for superbug infections are being tested in Belgium

The use of bacteria-killing viruses known as phages to treat antibiotic-resistant infections is starting to take off in Belgium. More than 100 people have now been given phage therapies there, thanks to a regulatory system that makes it easier for doctors to prescribe them. “Phage therapy is indeed getting more common, at least in Belgium,” Jean-Paul Pirnay at the Queen Astrid Military Hospital in ... Read More »

Statistics for Bloggers To Elevate Their Content

Blogs are a great way to boost your content marketing strategy and improve your brand awareness. Whether you’re trying to revitalize your old blogging content or you’re deciding if blogs are right for your brand, it’s helpful to understand the benefits of blogging and the statistics that prove it’s a helpful strategy choice. In this guide, we discuss what blogs ... Read More »

What To Expect From Spring/Summer

Fashion Week Trend #1: Modern Ballerina The catwalk is covered in loads of pastel blossoms. Fine shoes with satin ribbons are wrapping themselves around the model’s ankles for a soft-footed appearance. Indeed, the attendees of the Dior show must have felt like part of a dance performance. The dark parquet, the strong eye makeup and the flowy black dresses reminded ... Read More »