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Want to Be Kind of a Big Deal? These Social Media Tactics Could Move the Needle

Perception is everything. In the business world, people are naturally attracted to the biggest names, whether you call them influencers, experts, or [insert industry here] rock stars. But what if you aren’t a big name yet? What if you’re just starting out and looking to make a name for yourself? How can you get on the radar of people you ... Read More »

45 Creative Social Media Marketing Tips You Don’t Hear Every Day

Social media’s potential impact for small businesses cannot be understated. But if you’ve been using social media for awhile, then you probably already know a lot of the standard tips. However, there are plenty of other things you can do on social media aside from just posting product photos and responding to customer inquiries. Here are some social media marketing ... Read More »

7 Insider Tips to Rock Your Social Media Presence

Social media is a blessing for small business entrepreneurs to spread the word about their business without spending a huge amount of advertising dollars. Nevertheless, a majority of small businesses are not able to capitalize on this opportunity. A recent ProOpinion poll found that many small business professionals don’t use social media or a social media calendar on a regular ... Read More »

Social Media Calendar Template for Small Business

Word Doc – click to download Excel Version – click to download PDF Version – click to download This social media calendar template for small business is for YOU! It is based on the calendar format we use internally here at Small Business Trends LLC. Like many of you, we have limited resources and time. In a small business, you never ... Read More »

Complete History of Social Media: Then And Now

Interacting with friends and family across long distances has been a concern of humans for centuries. As social animals, people have always relied on communication to strengthen their relationships. When face-to-face discussions are impossible or inconvenient, humans have dreamed up plenty of creative solutions. Avalaunch Media recently unveiled their Interactive Infographic entitled, “The Complete History of Social Media.” History of Social ... Read More »

20 Popular Social Media Sites Right Now

Social media networks are a major resource for both small and big businesses that are looking to promote their brands on the Internet. The platforms are easy to use and some of them even have paid advertising options for businesses that want to reach new audiences. However, just because your business needs to be on these platforms doesn’t mean that ... Read More »

Interesting Statistics for the Top 10 Social Media Sites

Social media is that dominating force in the modern world that can change minds, catch more business, increase sales or build and shape a brand or business. Have you fallen prey to spending hours on Facebook, or waking up at midnight to check for Tweets? This is because of the impact social media has on all of us these days. Over ... Read More »

WhatsApp Video Calling Launched, Vivo V5 Launch, and More: Your 360 Daily

WhatsApp Video Calling Launched, Vivo V5 Launch, and More: Your 360 Daily HIGHLIGHTS WhatsApp’s video calling feature is rolling out to over 1 billion users Quarterly smartphone shipments in India cross 30 million Apple reportedly planning a foray into Augment Reality-based wearables Here’s your 360 Daily, bringing you the biggest technology news of the day – from WhatsApp video calling ... Read More »

Dharmesh Shah of HubSpot: Chatbots Are the Most Important Technology in Decades

Small Business Trends: What’s the biggest thing since you started HubSpot with Brian Halligan ten years ago that has surprised you the most about marketing, and how people have gravitated around some of the things that you’ve put out there? Dharmesh Shah: The biggest surprise for lack of a better term is how global the underlying fundamental philosophy of Inbound ... Read More »

Hot Social Media Tools For 2013

Pinterest emerged as the social media darling of 2012. According to this Nielsen report, Pinterest had the largest year-over-year increase in audience and time spent of any social network, across PC, mobile web and apps. As if that wasn’t enough to prove the social network has staying power, Pinterest surpassed Yahoo in organic traffic, making it the 4th largest traffic ... Read More »