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Changing Landscape Of Social Media Scenario

Isn’t it marvellous how people completely unknown to the world can seem within moments bring themselves out to the limelight through social media? Social media play the fairy godmother here in magically transforming people who start out as “nobody” into a “celebrity” overnight. Every ‘like’, ‘retweet’ and ‘share’ button we hit has the potential to contribute to somebody’s fame, be ... Read More »

Caroline Flack’s death shows how social media has democratised cruelty

 Illustration: Nate Kitch The days after the death of Caroline Flack have seen an admirably sober, reflective mood on the part of politicians and the public. Labour leadership candidates are denouncing press intrusion and calling for regulation of social media, while Downing Street wants social media firms to be more proactive in removing “unacceptable content”. Journalists are contrite over allegations that the tabloids hounded ... Read More »

Social media platforms propose an alliance to censor harmful content

With an aim to purge misinformation and fake news from circulating on social media platforms, Facebook, Google, Twitter and Bytedance have reportedly proposed an alliance called the Information Trust Alliance (ITA). The association comprising of digital platforms, publishers, fact-checkers, civil society and academia, will help guard the social media platforms in India against harmful content such as spurious news and ... Read More »

Social media firms to be held liable for advertisements, commissioned content

Social media firms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok will soon be held liable for advertisements and commissioned content on their platforms. They would also be required to specifically tag such content for clear distinction between them and user-generated content. According to the new intermediary guidelines — under works and expected to be notified next month — these platforms ... Read More »

Social media makes break-ups worse

New York: Estrangement has become harder in the digital age and social media platfroms, such as Facebook and Instagram, can make break-ups much worse, say researchers. People who use features like unfriending, unfollowing or blocking still face troubling encounters with ex-partners online. For the study, published in the journal ‘Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction’, the researchers recruited people ... Read More »

This ‘social media’ app full of bots constantly complimenting you is intensely bizarre

My first post on Botnet got over 480,000 likes. A new social media-style app offers users the chance to live in a world where millions of adoring followers hang onto their every word. There’s just one catch: On Botnet it just so happens that you’re the only real person. Oh yeah, and you’d better believe you’re famous as hell. The ... Read More »

Social media exposes Libyan warlord’s mercenaries

ISTANBUL Foreign mercenaries fighting in Libyan renegade commander Khalifa Haftar’s ranks normally remain out of the public eye, but photos and videos they share on social media reveal their true nature. Haftar launched a military operation in April last year in a bid to capture Libya’s capital. Since then, however, he has been unable to achieve a quick and decisive ... Read More »

Young people ask for social media safeguards

Young people recognise the dangers of social media and are asking for safeguards to be put in place to protect them – including having its safe use taught in schools as part of the curriculum, a new study of New Zealand youth has found.  The youth-based Social Media Study, conducted by Nielsen for the Graeme Dingle Foundation, reveals the dangers ... Read More »

Social media used to supervise official outbreak responses

A security guard stands outside Jinli Ancient Street in Chengdu, the capital of southwestern Sichuan province, on Jan. 30, 2020. (Image credit: TechNode/Eliza Gkritsi) Criticism has spread on Chinese social media over how officials are handling of the coronavirus outbreak, even prompting personnel changes within the government and other institutions. Why it matters: The outbreak of a dangerous respiratory virus in ... Read More »

9 Social Media Goals to Help Boost Your Strategy in 2020

In business, goals are extremely important – they serve as a roadmap for your strategy, and at the same time enable you to evaluate your successes and missteps. However, the goals you set for your social media efforts shouldn’t come out of nowhere. Data insights should always be the cornerstone of all your goal setting. That’s why for this list of ... Read More »