Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro may be unveiled in July with the Xiaomi 12 Ultra

Xiaomi announced the Mi Band 7 last week and among the upgrades is a larger display with 25% more viewable area, according to the company. The display also has an Always On mode. One rumored upgrade that didn’t arrive was built-in GPS. The related Redmi Smart Band Pro already had the AOD mode, an even larger display and it does have GPS.

Should you pick up the Redmi band? Maybe wait a little. Xiaomi will reportedly unveil a Mi Band 7 Pro alongside the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, according to one leakster. Such a device also leaked through the Mi Door Lock app before the regular Band 7 was announced.

The Mi Band 7 Pro leaked through a Xiaomi app
The Mi Band 7 Pro leaked through a Xiaomi app

So far none of the leaks have detailed what the “Pro” version might bring over the vanilla band. But something similar to the Redmi band is likely – larger display, GPS and a bigger battery to feed all that (perhaps not that much bigger, the Redmi band has a 200mAh battery, the Mi Band 7 has a 180mAh battery).

The Xiaomi 12 Ultra will be unveiled in July, the company’s first product from its partnership with Leica. How long it takes from the official unveiling in China to reaching the international market is another question (Xiaomi is yet to announce a global rollout for the Mi Band 7).