Adapting products to meet teachers’ changing needs

As we build our products, it’s essential to listen to user feedback. That’s how we help make them useful for the people using them — and more inclusive, too. Our Google for Education team has a long history of directly involving schools in user research studies to better understand what they need. This connection to educators and students has made ... Read More »


College of Education Professor Bárbara C. Cruz, Ed.D., was selected as a Fulbright Scholar for the Spring 2020 semester. Dr. Cruz, a professor of social science education in the Department of Teaching and Learning, traveled to Alicante, Spain in January to teach and conduct research at the Universidad de Alicante. Her research project, “The Art of Teaching: Innovations in Social Studies Teacher ... Read More »

Conference – Closing the gap

Conference – Closing the gap: The pandemic’s effect on children’s education and what we can do about it The global pandemic left many gaps in children’s learning and education, and schools are yet to recover from it. The conference ‘Closing the gap’ will focus on bringing awareness to the issues schools are facing and giving you solutions on how you ... Read More »

Top 12 Best Education Blogs for 2020

What are the best education blogs? DialMyCalls takes a look at our top 12 favorite education blogs to start your classroom out on the right foot in 2020. We owe a lot to teachers. And we at DialMyCalls know the lengths that teachers and administrators go to to provide students with the best education. 1. EmergingEdTech Kelly Walsh is an educator, ... Read More »

There is No Inclusion Without Authenticity

Those that abandon forced roles within their families, societies, and networks and instead work to become more self-aware have better confidence. They work to uncover their genuine desires and ambitions and as a result, have healthier relationships. And they live each day driven by their individual authenticities and are noted to generally have more sound overall wellbeing. In international education, ... Read More »

A Step Towards Your Child’s Identity

Let’s start with a question. Is your child lazy? Shy? Aggressive? Or are they creative, thoughtful, or determined? Why the words we use to describe our child’s matter and how we can describe them a good adjective. One of the biggest milestones in having a baby is choosing the perfect name, and if you are choosing an Indian baby boy ... Read More »

The Top 10 Education Next Blog Posts of 2021

For a second year in a row, articles about how schools responded to the Covid-19 pandemic dominated our list of the Top Ten Education Next Blog Posts of the year. Three of the top ten blog posts in 2021 dealt directly with the pandemic-related absences of students and teachers from in-person school. The most-read post, “The Government Is Paying Public School Parents ... Read More »

Finding Hope in My Fifth Graders’ Podcast Project: A Reflection

I think of myself as an explorer and, as an explorer, the best journeys I embark on are the ones I take as an educator. Each year, a new group of students sets off with me on a learning journey. This past year, that journey took us to new and exciting places. Before the 2020-21 school year, I knew we ... Read More »

Workplace FSM design challenge

Murugavel–4:11 AM BBC 10 You are part of the “”Chakra” design team, a combined smart-watch and goggles. A senior manager is coming for a design review in the afternoon. Your project leader has to go out to lunch with the manager, and has left you to design the last state machine in the system before the design review The functional requirements ... Read More »


Now more than ever, people are reevaluating their professional lives. Amid news that a record number of Americans left their jobs this September, it’s clear that the pandemic ignited a shift in the way people think about work — and some say it’s put more power into the hands of employees, whether that leads to quitting, unionizing or asking for more ... Read More »