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30 Under 30 Education 2020: The Young Problem-Solvers Tackling Hurdles From Day Care To Diplomas

Nearly 20,000 nominations rolled in for the 600 spots in the 2020 class of Forbes 30 Under 30, the ninth-iteration of the annual list. That means a wee acceptance rate and months of sorting and reviewing the most impressive, promising entrepreneurs, innovators and rising leaders in 20 industries across North America. Perhaps the best way to wrangle such volume of data ... Read More »

#WhatHCPsThink: 5 digital behaviours when HCPs use social media

If you are an avid social media user or someone curious about social media, have you ever wondered if individuals behave differently on different social media platforms? Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are among the most used social media platforms globally. Twitter has over 330 million monthly active users (MAUs), while Instagram has over 1 billion MAUs and Facebook has over 2.4 billion MAUs. We have ... Read More »

48% Of Young People Discover Nonprofits Via Social Media: Giving Tuesday Study

New research from the YMCA finds that more than 62% of Americans 18-38 support at least one cause per month — and that they likely learned of that cause through social media. The study, conducted by OnePoll in advance of Giving Tuesday, offers a new look at the way younger Americans interact with nonprofits they care about — and the reasons ... Read More »

Education Has Become a Necessity Like Healthcare Which Is Why Politicians Are Saying ‘Free’

Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend and 2020 presidential candidate, speaks during the American Many people are horrified at the suggestions some politicians are making that things like healthcare and education should be “free.” That, yes, anyone could have them if they wish. What type of society are these supporters of ne’re-do-wells suggesting? Where will the drive be? How can we expect ... Read More »

TechEd – A premier technology event to learn, innovate and network

SAP TechEd, the premier technology event, has been a big draw for enterprise architects, developers, engineers and other IT professionals from across the globe. The event is an annual staple from SAP’s stable organised in the US, Europe and India and it received a similar response in Bengaluru this year. By definition, TechEd is the essential technical training and networking ... Read More »

The future of collaborative technology

Many of today’s most strategic IT leaders are looking for ways to implement a unified communications and collaboration strategy. According to recent research from Ovum, seven out of ten IT leaders are looking to invest in new collaboration technologies in 2020.  This is because the very nature of work is changing and in order to retain talent, IT leaders need to be ... Read More »

Banks must behave ‘more like technology companies’ to survive, finance execs say

Banks must operate more like technology companies in order to stay relevant for years to come, executives in the financial services industry say. “I happen to believe that many banks, perhaps not all, are well-positioned to build brand new products,” David Rafalovsky, chief technology officer at Russian state-owned lender Sberbank, said during a panel at CNBC’s East Tech West event ... Read More »

Wikipedia co-founder launches social-media website ‘WT: Social’ to take on FB, Twitter

Intending to get right what Facebook and Twitter have so far been getting wrong, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales is launching a social-media website named “WT: Social” which will compete with both the social media platforms. Instead of going for an ad-funded model, Wales aims to finance it through donations, just like Wikipedia. Like those platforms, WT:Social will let users share ... Read More »

Silicon Valley Institute Of Technology Launched A Global Scholarship For Women To Bring Exceptional Talent To Silicon Valley

Cindy Blanco, co-founder and CEO of Startup GDL Silicon Valley may be oversaturated, but it still holds a glimmering appeal for those on the outside who want a piece of the tech mecca. Coined as a “startup heaven” for boasting superior networking and financing opportunities, many people are actually leaving the area due to high costs of living and operating. Even ... Read More »

How Pilots Teach Us to Approach New Technology

Three years ago, I piloted an airplane solo for the first time. It was my goal for years and was an exhilarating accomplishment. But while I’d love to claim that it was made possible by my amazing skill, in truth it came to fruition because I followed a proven system. Others who have been lucky enough to fly an airplane ... Read More »