Six Tech Reads and Medium Blogs That Every Programmer Should Bookmark Now

Reading blogs is a great way for tech talents to upskill themselves and learn new information. Some of us may be familiar with the developer treasure chest of information that is Medium – packed with developer blogs and coding tutorials. But with so many blogs out there, where should you start? Whether you’re looking for tutorials to fix that code that failed today (but worked yesterday), or just in need of something to get you through the morning commute, here are six of our favourite blogs we think every programmer should add to their reading list.

1. Level Up Coding

We’re kicking off this list with Level Up Coding, one of the top 20 tech blogs on Medium. Like its name, this blog is literally here to take your coding game to the next level and equip you with cool tutorials, how-to’s, and crash courses that’ll make you the most OP software developer you can be! Level Up Coding is mostly programming centric so expect tons of blog posts on Python, Git commands, and all things web dev with the occasional updates on blockchains and crypto.

Whether you identify as a coding pro or a programming noob, you’ll find blog posts suited to your experience level from the Beginner’s Guide to Linux, to deep dives into CDNs. Need a breather from technical content? Take a break and browse through their other posts featuring coding interview tips, developer features, and career advice.

2. Netflix Tech Blog

Now’s your chance for a sneak peek into the engineering efforts and product developments of a FAANG company. So instead of having Netflix movie marathons, get a new hobby and start binging on Netflix TechBlog’s posts instead! The blog covers technology challenges regarding the software they build for Netflix services as well as engineering feats, updates on ongoing webinars, and Day in the Life features.

Blog posts are written by Netflix employees so you really get a first-hand on what’s going on. Some interesting reads include topics such as open-source software, how Netflix adapts Microservice architecture, and machine learning.


If you miss the community get-togethers and good ol’ meetups during pre-Covid days, ITNEXT may be just right up your alley.

ITNEXT is not just a blog – it’s also a strong community made up of software developers, system engineers, and IT architects. Besides having monthly meetings, you can also look forward to their ITNEXT Summit and network with other techies. Their blog posts place an emphasis on sharing knowledge, so you can expect lots of tutorials on frontend and backend software development, data engineering, DevOps, IT architecture, and mobile app development. We especially love their posts on personal experiences with new tech stacks!

4. Oracle Blockchain Blog

Oracle Blockchain Blog is your one-stop destination for all things blockchain. Here, you can get yourself acquainted with the latest happenings in blockchain tech, how it works, and events going on in the world of Bitcoin! The blog also shares real-world use cases and best practices, as well as technical tips on their Oracle Blockchain Platform.

Some of our favourite reads include the one on Smart Contracts with Blockchain Technology, as well as the future of Enterprise Blockchain in 2021.

5. Code Like A Girl

Are you a female coder? If you are, Code Like A Girl will be the ideal place for you to get female-centric, tech-related content. The blog sees lots of technical and motivational topics with a focus on web development posts involving Git, Babel, and Node.js. For programmer-moms hoping to raise their own little coders, check out the posts under ‘Kids And Tech’ about introducing STEM to your child, or what cool tech gifts to get them for Christmas.

Besides tutorials on how to fix CPU spikes and fix open source vulnerabilities, Code Like A Girl provides blog posts on how to build your portfolio and tips to grow your career. Also, all the articles here are written by women!

6. Gojek Tech

Get in on the behind-the-scenes at Gojek – one of Southeast Asia’s most successful superapp! On Gojek Tech, you’ll find posts with an emphasis on engineering and product, diving into Gojek’s war rooms stories, how products were built, failures, and their international expansion.

In the blog, Gojek also shares how they localize products, how to secure an iOS app and make iOS components accessible, and ways to improve accessibility to Android components. The articles range from broad issues to in-depth topics with lots of illustrations along the way, making it a relatively easy read.

And there you have it – six of the best tech reads and Medium blogs that you should know. This list will be enough to keep you occupied for months to come and will definitely get you on the road to becoming a better, more well-rounded coder!