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The Impact Of Social Media And Digital Technology On Promoting Peace And Security In Liberia

The social media shapes the mind of the mass followers. Majority of Liberian have capitalized on the image of bad governance, poverty, natural disasters and use digital technology and social media to send out hate messages at national government, and bullies each other in the name of party solidarity. Liberian news is horrible and they spread like wildfire through major ... Read More »

Business Support to Help Grow Monitoring Technology

Pharmaceutical environmental monitoring solutions company Pinpoint Scientific has announced further investment into its business, to aid development of its ImpactAir® product range. Cherwell Laboratories and Development Bank of Wales (DBW) have both taken minority shares in the business; Andy Whittard, Cherwell’s Managing Director, has also taken a seat on the Pinpoint board to help with business strategy and planning while ... Read More »

Technology Is No Substitute For Client Face Time

Your clients are craving belonging and love, especially in the sometimes impersonal world that technology can create.   I see it in my neighborhood grocery store. While management has installed a new self-check-out aisle to save shoppers time, many of us will stand in line knowing that doing so will take a few more minutes, to greet and banter with our ... Read More »

How Fast Is Technology Changing College Athletics? Blink, And You’ll Miss It

Stanford University fell behind in 2017-not in academics, or in athletics (they are consistently ranked #1 in the Learfield Director’s Cup for best overall sports program), but in stadium Wi-Fi performance. In 2011, they were the first FBS stadium to install the technology, and by mid-2017, they were falling behind. The tech was working fine—it’s just that more was being demanded—more video uploading, ... Read More »

Tony Fernandes says time to leave Twitter, social media has become an angry place

AirAsia boss Tan Sri Tony Fernandes said the time has come to shut down his Twitter account, saying that social media has become an angry place. “Having closed Facebook time is coming to shut down Twitter. Bene (sic) such a fan but too much negativity and falsehood and anger. It’s been an amazing ride. Feel much better now not on Facebook ... Read More »

Technologies That Will Shape The Next Decade

As we ring in the new decade, it’s worth reflecting on just how much change comes our way in the exponential times in which we live.  Ten years ago, there was no iPad, Tik Tok, Raspberry Pi, Snapchat, Lyft, Tinder, Didi Chuxing… or SparkCognition! Tablets weren’t even a thing. We entered 2010 using slow 3G technology on our cell phones. ... Read More »

11 questions you always wanted to ask about social media

Social media has taken over the planet. Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are the most popular platforms with billions of users, while Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest claim hundreds of millions. With these kinds of numbers, you can bet the hackers and scammers are setting up shop, too. Take steps now so you’re not their next victim. On my national radio show ... Read More »

8 books on technology you should read in 2020

This past year was the cap to an exhausting decade and 2020’s list of must-read books reflects that. Yes, there are the usual chronicles of tech companies, but there are also books that attempt to understand the world we live in as a result of the innovations of behemoth corporations. The 2010s have been characterized by a reckoning over Silicon ... Read More »

Technology of the future: The big bets on how the world will be in the 2020s

The exponential rate of technological progress and innovation continues to be, perhaps, the defining factor in the radical way our lifestyles have changed, from the way we interact socially, to the way we consume information about the world around us. Technological advancements have resulted in enormous rises in productivity, and with a host of emerging technologies being developed in what ... Read More »

Technology And Society: Can Marketing Save The World?

In 1991, Stuart Haber and Scott Stornetta worked to develop uncrackable encrypted stacks of blocks, creating a database nobody could tamper with. At that time, they likely could not have imagined this technology would become the foundation of blockchain. Blockchain was born after Satoshi Nakamoto’s paper in 2008 about cryptocurrency that unraveled the many more applications this technology could have. The foremost practical ... Read More »