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Think about what your target audience would find helpful & engaging. Keep a list of your favorite sources so it’s quick & easy to find links when you do status updates.

Do you find yourself at a loss when it comes time to making updates on social media? An easy way to get started is by sharing other people’s content! Put your own spin on it with a short comment. Regularly posting informative articles to turn your page into a trusted resource for relevant information. You can add a short comment ... Read More »

Facebook Messenger Plagued With Malicious Links Spreading Malware: Kaspersky

The latest social chat service to become a victim of malicious malware and adware links is Facebook Messenger. According to Kaspersky Labs, cybercriminals are sending malicious links to Facebook Messenger users, helping track browser activity and display targeted advertisements – and thereby generating revenue. Interestingly, the malicious link arrives through one of your friends account on Messenger to fake legitimacy. The ... Read More »

Greater Than Half of Links Shared on Twitter Are Never Clicked: Take a look at

More than Half (59 in step with cent) Links shared on micro-running a blog internet site Twitter are In no way clicked along with by the folks who percentage them, a brand new Look at has observed. The researchers from Microsoft and Columbia College accumulated the statistics over a month andincluded 2.8 million stocks on Twitter, encompassing shared Hyperlinks to ... Read More »