Event: Can technology make your business better?

A Telegraph Small Business Connect event

Join a panel of experts on Thursday 14 September to discuss how to transform your enterprise with technology.

It now seems that there’s a technological hack for almost any problem that a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) might face. From providing staff members with a way to connect to
the office from the comfort of their homes, to video conferencing with clients halfway round the world, there’s often an app, device or service for that.

But SMEs need to know how to cut through the noise and find the tools that will work best for them based on their particular needs.

They also need to understand what the benefits and potential pitfalls are for any given tech solution.

In a 2016 study of 300 UK SME leaders by SAP, 57pc cited investing
in new technology as the reason for having improved internal efficiency, so how can it benefit you?

Join Telegraph Small Business Connect from 6.15pm on Thursday 14 September to answer that question and more.

A panel of experts will be there to answer questions and offer some advice and insight on the tech available, how to know what’s right for your business, how to implement it and more.