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How technology is creating a safer and more environmentally future for mining

Mining has traditionally been a dangerous activity with a heavy environmental cost. But European projects are helping to make it safer and cleaner, by taking existing technologies and applying them to the context of mining. Increasing mine safety The SIMS Project is working on the introduction of drones to mining. “It’s about using drones in the mine and not to ... Read More »

Spotlight: Creating a Startup for the Education Niche

Pilon In Small Biz Spotlight 0 387 Shares 176 154 8 48 3 Email this ArticlePrint This Article Zaniac is a business operating after-school learning centers focused specifically on science, technology, engineering, and math. And the brand also tries to provide a fun environment for kids to learn. But the real story behind Zaniac’s success, for entrepreneurs, is how the ... Read More »

Tips for Creating a Better Sitemap for Your Company Web Site

A sitemap is, perhaps, the most under-appreciated part of a website. As the internet integrates with our lives, it’s become nothing short of second nature for us to navigate across web pages — until we land on one with a low-quality or illogical sitemap design. A poorly designed sitemap makes it nearly impossible to find any important information and can ... Read More »