Sony PlayStation’s social media accounts hacked by OurMine

Sony PlayStation's social media accounts hacked by OurMine

The social media accounts of Sony PlayStation were reportedly hacked by a notorious hacking group. OurMine, a hacking group hacked the Facebook and Twitter accounts of PlayStation.

The hackers also posted messages asking the company to seek help from the group in order to ensure security in the future.“PlayStation Network Databases leaked #OurMine,” the tweet read. This is not the first time that the hacking group has made headlines for the wrong reasons. A BGR report stated that OurMine is infamous for taking down the account of reputed firms to expose their security vulnerabilities.

The group had very recently hacked into the Twitter account of HBO, which is already trying to cope with the leaks of its many popular TV series including Game of Thrones.

Interestingly, the hackers claimed that they had no intention to leak any information, but were intending to help the company by showing loop holes in their security machinery.

“No, we aren’t going to share it, we are a security group, if you work at PlayStation then please go to our website”, a representative of the group told Business Insider.

The incident has again thrown light on the security vulnerability of sites of established firms. Many accuse companies of showing a casual approach towards IT security.  “Unfortunately, we’ve noticed in a lot of cases that social media credentials are written in plain text in configuration files that are left unprotected,” said Ankush Johar, Director of