fashion careers

Now more than ever, people are reevaluating their professional lives. Amid news that a record number of Americans left their jobs this September, it’s clear that the pandemic ignited a shift in the way people think about work — and some say it’s put more power into the hands of employees, whether that leads to quitting, unionizing or asking for more pay or benefits. In some industries, wages are actually increasing post-pandemic. Is fashion one of them? You tell us.

Each year, we conduct a survey of industry professionals to find out what they’re earning. Well, it’s that time again: If you work in fashion, please take a moment to fill out our super short and totally anonymous questionnaire, and then pass it along to your friends and colleagues. It takes none of your personal information (not even your name), and there’s zero chance of anyone seeing where you work or what you make. But when we compile and release the results, you’ll be able to see what others at your level, in your field, are making on average in 2021. Not only does it help those starting out know what to expect, it also ensures that you know your worth.