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Now more than ever, people are reevaluating their professional lives. Amid news that a record number of Americans left their jobs this September, it’s clear that the pandemic ignited a shift in the way people think about work — and some say it’s put more power into the hands of employees, whether that leads to quitting, unionizing or asking for more ... Read More »

Here’s how much social media stars get paid to post ads

Actress Olivia Munn watches Christmas movies Facebook Last November, actress Olivia Munn posted a video to her Instagram in preparation for the holidays: She wore green and red pajamas, she cooked a holiday turkey and she lounged on the couch with her two sweater-clad dogs. She also watched her favorite Christmas movie — thanks to her cable setup from Xfinity. “Happy ... Read More »

Grounding teens from social media doesn’t do much – and could hurt them, study finds

Teens forced off of social media lose more than social interaction, research shows. Photo / 123RF It all used to be so simple: Break the rules, get grounded and be forbidden from hanging out with your friends. These days, of course, social media makes anywhere a teen hangout, and parents looking to ground their kids might choose to cut off ... Read More »

[POLL] How Much Mobile Data Did You Use Last Month?

How attached are you to your phone? If you’re using your phone for just about everything — maybe your business takes you on the road quite a bit — then you’re likely using a lot of mobile data. If you’re tethered to your desk or your laptop in the confines of an office, not so much. There’s probably no need ... Read More »

Uber Now at just Rs. 6 per Kilometre in Delhi, Catches as much as Ola Micro

HIGHLIGHTS UberGo cabs are now available for Rs. 6 in keeping with kilometre. in advance, the rate become Rs. 8 in line with kilometre. you could also ebook an Ola Micro for the equal rate. The price wars maintain in India, as Uber Delhi reduce its charge to just Rs. 6 consistent with kilometre,similar to Ola Micro, which is still ... Read More »

facebook Messenger Now helps you to Make organization Calls With as much as 50 human beings

HIGHLIGHTS The organization calls feature may be available to users inside the subsequent 24 hours. Messenger now gives institution voice calling, however group video calls are lacking. maximum Messenger opponents – like Line, WeChat – have already got institution calling. fb on Wednesday delivered the group calling feature to its standalone Messenger app. With the brand newfeature, Messenger customers will ... Read More »