4 trends that will impact technology leadership hiring

4 trends that will impact technology leadership hiringLast year saw a lot of movement in the technology sector. CTOs were jumping ships, only to get on better and exciting avenues. But all is not the same in the hiring landscape. Much like technologies themselves, the demand and landscape for its leadership has undergone significant shifts. Roopa Kumar, COO of Purple Quarter, a CTO recruitment firm helps us list the trends impacting the hiring for technology leadership roles.

The rise of data scientist

With the evolving technology landscape, a lot of job roles will fade away, believes Kumar. Infrastructure guys will be in great demand because of the scale of operations that these guys will start seeing.

Though the hype died down for some time in 2017-18, data scientists will become more popular because of the fact that data has become the pivotal factor for companies. “People have realized now that if you don’t have data, there’s no point hiring a data scientist. People were trying to hire data scientists and then build data. But predictive model analysis will not happen if you don’t have data,” says Kumar.

A lot of individual contributor roles too are cited to come up–distinguished engineers, fellow titles, chief architects. Kumar’s belief is that India will recognize chief architects more now than before.

Logistics and supply chain management need data scientists

Kumar points out that logistics and supply chain management will need a lot of chief architects and data scientists. “Especially, because these are going to be the biggest segments that’ll grow in the next 3 years. Because everybody wants to make logistics more easily available to people. Also, because this is the most disorganized segment,” she adds, affirming that everybody will eventually invest in supply chain management. And its important for supply chain to organize itself as that will lead to others around it following the same path.

Analytics Head: Flavor of the next few years

Another role that is right up there with the C-suite in an enterprise is that of an Intelligent Analytics Head. According to Kumar, it could very well become the flavor of the next few years. “Analytics as well will pick up speed under the scientists, only because more companies will want to see if what we’re producing by the end of the day, is bringing in the kind of GMs we need,” she says.

CTOs no more excluded from closed door decisions

The CTOs are transitioning from people managers to innovators. Kumar says they are very closer to tech. “If one of their best talents encounters a problem and puts his/her hands up, the CTO will be able to pitch in and resolve the issue or guide the team.”

Apart from that, a lot of decisions were being made by CEOs behind closed doors. Whereas, now a CTO is also being considered and consulted for anything which requires larger amount of acquisitions, or in terms of integrating with an already acquired company or putting their money into a specific domain which is not linked to their business, believes Kumar.