10 Facebook Business Page Tips that Will Keep You From Screwing Up Your Marketing Efforts (Video)

As the largest social media site for small businesses, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) likely plays a important role in your social media marketing strategy.

But how do you know you’re doing Facebook right? From building your business page to Facebook’s advertising platform, there’s a lot for a small business owner to figure out and the learning curve can be steep.

Happily, there are a number of ways to keep from screwing up and do Facebook marketing right. Ways like the 10 Facebook business page tips in the video above.

Start at the Beginning When Using Facebook Business Page Tips

You should approach Facebook marketing for your small business like you do any undertaking – start at the very beginning (it’s a very good place to start).

For example, after you create a Facebook page for your business, what’s the next step? It should be adding important business details to your page – details like your business’ name, contact info and web address. That may seem obvious however, many businesses miss this step, believing that the profile and cover photos are enough when neither gives Facebook the information it needs to add you to their search index by name or location.

After you’ve got those details squared away, it’s time to invite folks to like your page. Again, this may seem straightforward however, a Facebook friend does not a Facebook fan make. If they don’t fit your target audience, then you may want to leave them of the invitation list.

From there you need to figure out how often to post to your page, what to post in order to engage your fans and how to attract new fans from the millions of Facebook users whom you have not yet met.

Seems like a lot, but it’s all doable if you go one step at a time. Start today with the 10 tips in the video above.

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