AT&T Expands SMB Remote Tech Support Service From PCs to Servers

Dallas (PRESS RELEASE – May 13, 2011) – Building on the success of the popular AT&T Tech Support 360 service, which provides remote IT support for small and mid-size business PCs, AT&T announced recently the availability of remote IT support for SMB computer servers as well. With the new service – AT&T Tech Support 360 Server Support – small and ... Read More »

Viraltag: A Visual Marketing Tool Review

Viraltag’s features focus on visual marketing, a factor that sets the solution apart from the rest of the social media management solution pack. The tool offers innovative functionality that will help you manage your visual marketing efforts more quickly and easily than the rest. Until recently, social media marketers who wanted a visual marketing solution to manage their image-heavy posting ... Read More »

Hiver Brings Shared Inboxes to Gmail for Better Collaboration

Usefulness Functionality Price Summary As one of the oldest communications tools in tech, email has seen its share of reinvention, but what Hiver has accomplished is both timely and relevant for the current state of work. CBS, Pinterest, Uber, Lonely Planet, Brandeis University, and many others are some of the companies that use Hiver. If there is one word ... Read More »

DriveU- Hire a driver

DriveU – a service available in major metro cities around the country, which lets you hire a driver with only a few taps on a mobile device. The android and the iOS apps are available in the App store, and customers can get themselves a chauffeur who drives them to the destination in the comfort of their own car. Services ... Read More »

10 Drop Shipping Partners for Your eCommerce Business

When launching or expanding your eCommerce business, consider drop shipping. It can provide an approach without the need for heavy upfront investment. In fact, even management of inventory is generally unnecessarily. To get started, simply partner with a drop shipping wholesaler and begin marketing their products from your site. They handle all shipping and other logistics involved in getting the ... Read More »

Grant Wickes, aka Professor Gadget: Using iPhone Photo and Video for Business

The iPhone is quickly becoming the “go to” gadget for fans of photography and video and many are now using these features for business and marketing purposes. Enter Grant Wickes, a.k.a. “Professor Gadget,” Vice President of Business Development for Wasp Barcode Technologies and a Top 100 SMB Influencer. Grant has sourced many useful gadgets and turned his iPhone into a one man ... Read More »

How to Determine Mobile App ROI for Small Businesses

If you have a small business, then you could potentially be going through the difficult process of deciding whether or not to endure the trouble and expense of creating a mobile application. In today’s day and age, it might be a dumb question to ask that since basically every business has a mobile app. However, as with everything, there are pros ... Read More »

Move Over Keurig, Spinn Has A New Coffee Solution for The Office

A perfect cup of coffee can lift moods, improve concentration at work and evoke interesting conversations. But coffee doesn’t always taste perfect, especially when it’s out of a vending machine at work. A company is now attempting to change that. The Spinn coffee machines are revolutionizing the way a cup of coffee is made. Designed as self-contained machines, these coffee ... Read More »

This Robotic Dog Could Soon Deliver Packages (Watch)

Your Next Delivery Man Could Be A Robotic Dog Yes, Ford is Moving To Mexico. No, Workers Won’t Lose Their Jobs Here’s Why The NHL Might Sit Out The Next Winter Olympics ‘Office Christmas Party’ Is King Among Raunchy Christmas Movies What would you think if you got a package delivered to your front door by a robotic dog? Today, ... Read More »

What Changing Airline Phone Policies Can Teach You About Customer Experience (Watch

In-Flight Phone Calls May Be The Next Annoying Thing On Planes Disney Is The Undisputed King Of The 2016 Box Office Uber Updated Its Terms To Ban Flirting Between Drivers And Passengers So The US Is Almost $20 Trillion In Debt; Who Do We Owe? Your next airline flight could feature a whole new set of annoyances. U.S. aviation regulators ... Read More »