5 Effective Social Media Best Practices for Your Business

Today, an average person spends a minimum of three hours each day on social media sites. If your small business doesn’t know how to create a Facebook page for your new business, or where to begin when it comes to Pinterest, start by figuring out those tasks. Once you have your presence established on the right social media sites for ... Read More »

10 Facebook Business Page Tips that Will Keep You From Screwing Up Your Marketing Efforts (Video)

As the largest social media site for small businesses, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) likely plays a important role in your social media marketing strategy. But how do you know you’re doing Facebook right? From building your business page to Facebook’s advertising platform, there’s a lot for a small business owner to figure out and the learning curve can be steep. Happily, there ... Read More »

Alas, Vine Finally Withers: Here’s Why

Vine is withering. Though the once popular video looping network probably won’t die for some time yet. Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) says this week that it’s no longer developing Vine. The 411 on Vine Closing Down In an announcement on the Vine blog, the “Team Vine and Twitter” explain, “Nothing is happening to the apps, website or your Vines today. We value ... Read More »

Those “I Voted” Stickers Offer a Small But Powerful Business Lesson (Watch)

The ‘I Voted’ Sticker Is Just One Big Psychological Hack How Instagram Completely Reshaped The Modeling Industry Social Media Deepens The Political Divide. Unfriending Makes It Worse The FDA Wants To Know About Your Nutella-Eating Habits Go on any social media platform on Election Day and you’re likely to see plenty of photos of “I Voted” stickers. But even though ... Read More »

How to Incorporate Green Initiatives Into Your Factory Workflow

As people have become increasingly concerned with global warming and man’s impact on the environment,so too have factories been taking on a greater responsibility to “go green.” While green initiatives can vary greatly in both complexity and effectiveness, there are a few simple things that every factory can do to ensure that they’re at least minimizing their direct impact on ... Read More »

5 Tips for Making Better Movies

Amateur filmmaking can be a difficult and time-consuming process. But what if you were able to improve your system with a few tips and tricks? Here are just five ways to make better movies. 1. Have a Plan This is probably the biggest mistake of amateurs. They hear about Steven Spielberg winning awards for a movie full of improv, and ... Read More »

Election Commission Partners With Facebook to Register Young Voters

In a first-of-its-kind initiative in the country, social networking site Facebook is partnering with the Election Commission of India in five states going to polls next year to run a voter registration drive aimed at encouraging youth to participate in the democratic exercise. Facebook is collaborating with the Election Commission and the office of Chief electoral officers in poll-bound Uttar ... Read More »

How Integrating Newegg CRM Can Spur Cross-Channel Sales

Newegg is widely considered to be the most robust technology marketplace online. Aside from featuring the top products and solutions, often offered at lower prices than competing stores feature, it also lets retailers host their own online store, too; acting as a marketplace solution in tandem. Getting your online store up on this marketplace doesn’t require rocket science. However, if ... Read More »

Microsoft Touts Surface Book i7 as Ultimate Laptop — with Ultimate Price Tag

Coined the ultimate laptop by Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), the new Surface Book i7 packs a punch, in terms of performance and the bruising your wallet will take. The announcement of the new i7 comes just as Microsoft released Surface Studio, another bruiser that is squarely aimed at taking on Apple’s stronghold among creative users. And for the first time, Apple really ... Read More »

Remote Data Recovery

Remote data recovery can be defined as the process of getting access to files and data that is not accessible using normal commands over the internet. When it comes to emergency situations, this is the fastest option for data recovery in terms of workstations and servers that are still active but that have had a logical loss of data because ... Read More »