4 Laundromat Upgrades Every Customer Wants to See

For many urban residents, the laundromat is a time consuming errand to run. It can take up to two hours to wash clothing for the week, especially if the individual stays at the laundromat with their clothing. Very few laundromats offer extra features or amenities for the customers while they wait for their laundry. For those that do, they can expect to receive far more business from the local residents.

Quick Machine Servicing

Many laundromats have several machines that are out of commission at any given time. Instead of allowing the machines to remain broken for several weeks, laundromats should repair them quickly. This is especially true for the large capacity washing machines. Speed Queen washer parts that are frequently needed can be kept on hand for necessary regular repairs. This keeps productivity and revenue higher, reducing losses.


Many businesses and offices that require customers to wait for extended periods of time offer music. For those who do not have a book, smart phone, or other means of entertainment, music playing softly overhead can help to pass the time. For children, music can encourage them to dance to release pent up energy, rather than playing on laundry carts or running through the building.

Free WiFi Hot Spot

In the age of smart devices, WiFi hot spots are very common and are expected in many public businesses. A laundromat that offers WiFi gives customers the ability to enjoy movies, games, and web browsing during their waits. Since many customers might not have access to unlimited data plans, hot spots can help to alleviate boredom.

Arcade Games for Children

One of the best upgrades for a laundromat is a miniature arcade room. Since many families have to bring their children along to wash clothing, they might be plagued with high energy levels and no way to keep the children entertained. Arcade games not only solve this, they also provide additional revenue.

Laundry tends to be a weekly errand, and it can be rather monotonous in a standard, run-of-the-mill laundromat. When one laundromat offers the amenities that others don’t, it will pose serious competition for the others located nearby.