Is Twitter subsequently Making a great decision about the a hundred and forty-individual restrict?

Is Twitter Finally Making a Good Decision About the 140-Character Limit?

Twitter will reportedly stop counting characters in hyperlinks and snap shots.
this variation ought to show up as soon as the give up of the month.
this will make Twitter less complicated to apply without converting its character.
There have been numerous rumours and speculation approximately what Twitter is doing about the one hundred fortyman or woman restriction for tweets. there was a number of hand-wringing, and a variety of condemnation of the idea that Twitter is steadily turning itself into facebook-lite inside the quest to try and turn out to be extra appealing to advertisers and traders, and to emerge as more handy toinexperienced persons to the platform too.

A 12 months ago, Twitter dropped the one hundred forty individual restrict from direct messages, a passwhich made lots of sense when you consider that these messages do not replenish every body‘s timeline and destroy the glide of the person enjoy.

Now, the business enterprise would possibly stop counting pictures and hyperlinks in the one hundred fortyperson restriction, which sounds like a splendid decision to us. getting rid of the 140personrestriction altogether appears like a very horrific idea that breaks the entire user revel in on Twitter.alternatively, links and snap shots are already shortened after which introduced to tweets so havingsome more characters to hand won’t definitely affect the timeline. proper now, a hyperlink makes use ofup 23 characters in a tweet. want to percentage an exciting information tale? And a picture to go with it?things start to get very cramped at this point, and with out a real cause both.

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Of past due, Twitter has been plagued with a huge range of modifications, regularly now not for thepleasant. Twitter now suggests you the “high-quality tweets first”, even though you can flip this off inside the settings page. it’s now not simply been massive product adjustments either – the corporationchanged the stars for ‘faves’ into hearts for ‘likes’ – some thing that maximum of the present usersdefinitely hated. it is only cosmetic, however it’s some thing that mattered to a number of users.

The reality is that Twitter has plenty of floor in which it could improve, but maximum of the changeshave simply irked the person base and tremendous trends were few and a ways among.

This present day exchange – if it comes genuine as mentionedhowever feels like a step in the properdirection. It would not sluggish Twitter down, or clutter up the feed with long posts. It will becomesimpler to percentage pix and links – a center part of the Twitter revel in for manywithout having todevote crimes against grammar to stuff to your caption. at the identical time, the quantity of textual content remains capped at the equal restrict, so your timeline may not simply be affected either.

All in all, this feels like one of the first changes that Twitter has been deliberating in a long time that does not make us hate the social community – if something, the concept sounds quite appropriate right now.

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