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Microsoft Offers First Major Endorsement of EU-US ‘Privacy Shield’ Data Pact

Microsoft became on Monday the first major US tech company to say it would transfer users’ information to the United States using a new transatlantic commercial data pact and would resolve any disputes with European privacy watchdogs. Data transfers to the United States have been conducted in a legal limbo since October last year when the European Union’s top court ... Read More »

Microsoft Pulls the Plug on Its AI Chatbot Because Twitter Users Turned It Into a Giant Troll

Tay, Microsoft Corp’s so-called chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to engage with millennials on Twitter, lasted less than a day before it was hobbled by a barrage of racist and sexist comments by Twitter users that it parroted back to them. TayTweets (@TayandYou), which began tweeting on Wednesday, was designed to become “smarter” as more users interacted with it, according ... Read More »

Rules need to catch up with technology to protect privacy: Microsoft

xpressing concern over increasing intervention by governments to access consumer data, software giant Microsoft on Thursday said regulations need to keep pace with rapidly changing technology to secure and protect privacy of individuals. Microsoft, like its peers Google, Apple and Facebook, has been strongly advocating for protecting security of customers and their information. “Governments have a fundamentally important role in ... Read More »