Singapore Tourism Board launches technology road map to help hotels transform

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SINGAPORE: The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has announced a framework to help hotels adopt technology and transform their operations in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Called the Smart Hotel Technology Roadmap, it will identify next-generation system capabilities such as facial recognition at check-in and e-payment wallets to help hotels become “smarter”, the STB said in a news release on Thursday (Nov 23).

It will be charted by STB and the Hotel Innovation Committee, led by the Singapore Hotel Association (SHA).

A key component of the road map will be the Smart Hotel Core Technology listing, which is a register of solution providers to help hotels in their transformation.

“The hotel industry must continue to innovate and transform itself to keep up with emerging trends in businesses and technologies, as well as consumers’ changing preferences,” said SHA President Albert Teo.

These initiatives follow the launch of the Hotel Industry Transformation Map (ITM) last year. Through the ITM, the tourism board aims to focus on building manpower-lean business models; innovate through development of new solutions; grow businesses through internationalisation and build a strong pipeline of quality talent.

One such initiative is the Hotel Innovation Challenge held in May, where solutions were crowdsourced to solve “pain points”, raise productivity and enhance customer experience.

More than 30 participating hotels are set to pilot these solutions in areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics and facial recognition.

To tackle the hotel industry’s manpower challenge, the tourism board also rolled out a three-year Hotel Careers Campaign in July to drive awareness of the range of jobs and careers available in the sector.

Moving forward, an Experience & Job Redesign initiative will be launched next year to provide new and higher value-adding careers to attract talent.

STB will also work with hotel operator Far East Hospitality Management to implement new initiatives across the entire hotel group, including at three new properties slated to open in Sentosa in 2019.

These include using smart technology and artificial intelligence in hotel operations, e-housekeeping solutions, self check-in processes, and an in-house talent grooming programme.