Services Involved with Constructing and Maintaining Service Stations

If you are considering building a new gas station in the Golden State, then you will need to engage dependable service station construction california. A company that builds these critical facilities must have experience with both public and private sector service station construction and maintenance projects. We will consider some of the tasks involved in retrofitting, design-building, and maintaining a service station here.

Critical Tasks with Service Station Reconstruction and Retrofit

There are many key tasks that a builder of service stations can be called upon to perform in the retrofit and reconstruction of an old gas station. This starts with demolition of existing outdated fuel stations and their convenience stores. It will involve safely removing and replacing underground and above ground fuel storage systems. The construction firm will also need to upgrade all outdated fuel distribution and dispenser networks and systems.

Key Tasks in New Service Station Design-Build

Underground fuel storage and distribution systems will need to be dug out, installed, and sometimes repaired according to environmentally compliant standards. This will be an important stage in the design-build of petroleum and hydrogen distribution stations. Offering a car wash will require the construction firm to install a technologically current car wash system.

Maintenance Services Required

The service station construction company will perform many facility upkeep and maintenance services. This will start with regular service calls. Point of sale units will require evaluation, upgrades, and repairs. The service station will need a Point of Sale back office established, maintained, and replaced.

Fuel dispenser nozzles, hoses, and systems will need to be repaired, upgraded, and eventually replaced. Fuel dispenser systems’ software will have to be upgraded along with the inventory management systems for both fuel and the convenience store. The fuel system maintenance will possibly need spill containment, sensors diagnostics, and filters, sumps, turbines, and more monitored, maintained, and upgraded as necessary. The service station will require lighting system maintenance on area lights, canopy, price sign LED’s, and convenience store lights.

It is clear that there is more involved with retrofitting, designing-building, and maintaining a service station and its facilities than you might at first think. This is why involving a dependable construction and maintenance company is so important. It will avoid disappointment and even potential disaster later on in the life of the service station.