Samsung’s 406-Inch 4K Cinema LED Screen To Change The Way We Watch Movies

Samsung has unveiled a behemoth, 406-inch screen, calling it the first LED screen theater that “amplifies the immersive experience” thanks to its HDR LED display and stellar audio technology.

It’s Samsung’s first-ever commercial Cinema LED Screen. The company steeps its description of the display, basically saying that it easily surpasses conventional projector technology thanks to its next-generation picture quality.

While the screen impresses in terms of visuals, Samsung didn’t skimp in the audio department, either — Samsung Audio Lab also collaborated with Harman Professional Solutions to bring lifelike audio, enriching the whole experience altogether.

Samsung Unveils Its Cinema LED Screen

The Cinema LED Screen, as mentioned, runs at 406 inches and features full 4K. That’s right — a glorious resolution of 4,096 x 2,160. It also features HDR and lights up to 146 fL of brightness, which Samsung claims is much brighter than typical projectors — 10 times, in fact.

First teased this past March, the Cinema LED Screen offers a viewing experience with deep blacks, accurate whites, and bright colors “at a nearly infinite contrast ratio,” explains Samsung.

Samsung worked with JBL by Harman — which it acquired — to develop a system that puts speakers around the Cinema LED Screen, a new audio processing technology, and what Samsung calls “Sculpted Surround Sound” to deliver solid audio oomph.

How The Samsung Cinema LED Screen Differs From Regular Cinemas

By contrast, the average movie theater screen measures around 50 feet, but the Cinema LED Screen should still be just enough for smaller, multiplex rooms, the kind you sometimes find on niche cinematheques or art house cinemas. Samsung has yet to confirm if it plans to unveil a model with a larger screen.

Judging by how Samsung describes its new product, it seems the watching movies on a Cinema LED Screen is just like watching them on a TV screen instead of a projected surface, like those found on most cinemas.

“[O]ur Cinema LED Screen makes viewers feel as if they are part of the picture,” said HS Kim, Samsung’s Visual Business Display president.

Samsung ran through a series of tests before unveiling the Cinema LED Screen, which essentially means it’s ready for prime time. The screen has been validated in terms of performance and presentation, so it’s pretty much ready to go. In May, the screen became the first product to fully comply with the standards set by Digital Cinema Initiatives, or DCI, which basically signifies that the Cinema LED Screen can show the complete color spectrum with unaltered accuracy.

Samsung hasn’t announced how much one of these displays cost, but in case you own movie theaters, it’s probably best not to know the price.

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