How to prepare for BBA exams?

BBA examinations are normally held around May or June of the year, these examinations are held nationally and are considered one of the best, toughest and potentially most viable examinations in India.

This article should help you get placed in BBA colleges in Chandigarh, or any other state in the country. So here I’m sharing some tips you can implement in the examinations to make work out smoothly in your favor:-

Difficulty Solving:-

What happens when you are in the exam hall is, you come across a question that’s bad ass that’s not getting solved, and well you end up wasting hours on that question.

If you seriously want to crack the BBA examinations this year, (or any year), make sure if a question is taking more time than it should, just leave it.

You can come back to it anytime you wish to, but sticking with it will only result in your loosing points with other questions on the paper so yeah no more sticking with something that doesn’t want to get solved.

And then when you solve the other questions, and you still have some time left you can come back to solving it, right?


The paper consists of four sections, right? So make sure you’ve divided the paper in 4 “time-wheels”, meaning you’ve decided how much time each section will take up for you, and then finish it within that time frame.

For most of you, Arithmetic is the hardest part isn’t it? So there’s no hard and fast rule that all sections need to be divided easily, instead put in maximum amount of time to the section that’s the hardest, and least to the easiest.

That’s how it should be, and at the end no matter what complete each section within the time frame you decided. If some questions are being left, leave them and proceed to the next section but never break this time dividend thing, or else you’re going to loose a lot’s of marks.

Admit card:-

A lot of students every year miss the examinations and waste their one year just because they forget to take their admits with them.

Make sure you aren’t among them,  carry your admit card to the examination hall that would also help you with your registration number and other things, or else you’re going to waste enough time asking around for it,


While dividing your time, you can’t “not” allocate time for Revision.

Trust me, no matter what kind of genius you are, there always are silly mistakes, or wrong answers to questions which you knew.

That basically happens because of the extra tension and stress you are cultivating in your brains while answering the questions.

While what happens during revision is you get a bit relaxed, now that you’re done with answering the questions, so with a cool and calm mind take to the revisions.

Check out each and every question as thoroughly as possible, make sure you have enough time to check it whole, trust me you’re going to find at least couple answers which you ticked wrong, and it’s a great life saver to correct them.

The Patient & Peaceful Gets into the Best BBA Colleges in Chandigarh.:-

Nope, I’m not advising this on a moral level. Instead there are scientific reasons behind me saying so.

How your brain neurons react, behave and work during your examinations has a lot to do with how you will perform. So it’s of utmost importance to be patient and peaceful during examination.

It’ll help you recollect the stuff you’ve read, and also will help you co-ordinate with your fingers and hands smoothly.

Or else, if your brain isn’t at peace, there really isn’t a lot of chance of you getting to the other side of the  wall or getting admitted in any collage of the world, let alone BBA colleges in Chandigarh.