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Cryptocurrency Shiba Inu and Black Forest to create NFTs for FIFA World Cup

Cryptocurrency Shiba Inu and Block forest have collaborated to create a series of non-fungible-tokens (NFT) for FIFA World Cup 2022. Block Forest is a decentralised platform that works on Binance smart chain. This comes days after NFT World Cup launched five NFTs, which showcased different NFT flags for different countries. The listed NFTs were live for 72 hours. People could ... Read More »

OnlyFans temporarily halts services for Russian creators

OnlyFans has temporarily paused accounts and payments for its Russian creators, reported Motherboard. The UK-based platform — up until now — was one of the few Western tech companies to keep its door open to Russian users. Although OnlyFans momentarily blocked access to Russian creators in February, it soon restored the accounts, saying that full functionalities would be available “as long as we have the ... Read More »

10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Musicians

If you’ve been on social media these days, you know that social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to boost content online. Musicians and those in music marketing can greatly benefit from using social media as a marketing tool, as you know how hard it can be to get the word out about what you do and ... Read More »

Noissue acquires London QR code firm Tapkit for ‘$2.3m’

Auckland-based sustainable packaging maker Noissue has acquired London-based dynamic QR code and microsite platform Tapkit. Tapkit’s employees will move to Noissue’s global product, design and engineering team to work on implementing its QR technology into Noissue’s packaging. Tapkit additionally creates microsites – websites that are focused towards mobile devices. Noissue makes sustainable packaging that is compostable, recycled and reusable. According ... Read More »

Telehealth Software Solutions: Top Trends for Telemedicine in 2022

Patients who suffer from drug addiction can turn to healthcare professionals and get back to everyday life. People with Alzheimer’s start remembering things once again after proper treatment of their mental disorder. Young adults forget about depression and start enjoying life after getting help from experts. That is all great, but COVID-19 forces many people to stay home. Social distancing ... Read More »

Sustainable Technology For a Digital Supply Chain

Improving Food Security Using IoT 1.3 billion tons of food spoils and is wasted every single year, that’s about one-third of the total amount of food that is produced. To look at it another way, 1.3 billion tons of food could feed between 2 and 3 billion people, each year. Current figures suggest that of the 7 billion people on this ... Read More »

Top 12 Best Education Blogs for 2020

What are the best education blogs? DialMyCalls takes a look at our top 12 favorite education blogs to start your classroom out on the right foot in 2020. We owe a lot to teachers. And we at DialMyCalls know the lengths that teachers and administrators go to to provide students with the best education. 1. EmergingEdTech Kelly Walsh is an educator, ... Read More »

7 Reasons Why Blogging is Important for Your Business

There are some people that wonder why blogging is important in today’s social media marketing environment. Regardless if you are a small business or a multinational company, blogging is integral to your online content marketing strategy. Still wondering why blogging is important? Here are 7 benefits of blogging: Drive traffic to your website Increase your SEO/ SERP Position your brand as a ... Read More »

Navigating Social Media Advertising in 2021: How to Choose the Right Platform and Ads for Your Brand

Amid constant adjustments to social media algorithms and search engine rankings, it can feel near impossible to get your content noticed. While organic search is the free and perhaps more comfortable option, the chances of going viral without putting some money on the table are slim. Although earned and owned media hold their own marketing value, paid social advertising is the surest way ... Read More »

Lessons and Strategies for Working Parents

I’ve heard people say, “I never knew how productive I could be until I had children!” While stressful at times, there is also much joy and satisfaction that comes from a fulfilling home and work life, especially when work-life balance (and career growth) are prioritized by your employer — two reasons people often cite as to why they love working at Perficient. Tony ... Read More »