MobiKwik Lite Wallet App Launched for 2G Internet Connections

MobiKwik Lite Wallet App Launched for 2G Internet Connections

MobiKwik Lite Wallet App Launched for 2G Internet Connections
The MobiKwik Lite app weighs less than 1MB
It is only available for Android phones
The app has been optimised for use in 2G connections
In order to encourage use of mobile wallets in poor connectivity regions, MobiKwik on Monday launched its MobiKwik Lite app. Weighing in at less than 1MB, the MobiKwik Lite Android app is also optimised to work smoothly on 2G (EDGE) connections. It is meant for unorganised shopkeepers and retailers to quickly start accepting wallet payments.

The MobiKwik Lite app has a couple of other features that make it suited for poor connectivity, rural regions in the country. Users can download MobiKwik Lite by giving a missed call, and, can also sign up using their phone number – they do not require an email ID. MobiKwik Lite will be available by the end of this week, the company said in a press statement.

Detailing how to download the MobiKwik Lite app, the company said users can give a missed call to 8097180971 from any Android smartphone, and then will receive a link that will direct them to a download page. Users will then receive an OTP to register on the MobiKwik platform. In this fashion, users do not require an email ID or Google Play account to use the service. MobiKwik Lite is compatible with older versions of Android all the way back to Android v2.3 Gingerbread.

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The MobiKwik Lite app supports Hindi and English user interfaces, and allows users to receive payments, make bank and P2P transfers, pay bills, and buy recharges. MobiKwik Lite users will have to pay no bank transfer fee till March 31, 2017, the company says. It added that an offline version of the app will also be launched soon. The company also said it is “expanding its on-ground workforce to reach out to unorganised retailers pan India and educate them about MobiKwik Lite.”

Speaking on the launch, Bipin Preet Singh, Co-Founder of MobiKwik, said, “Majority of Indians do not have access to digital payments due to connectivity issues. With 250 million smartphones and less than 50 percent net penetration, India is highly underserved and the adverse impact of this reality is being observed by masses given the recent demonetisation. To bridge the gap between India and Bharat, we have launched MobiKwik ‘Lite’. By end of this week, the app will be available in all major Indian languages and soon, MobiKwik Lite will work without any net connectivity too, therefore addressing all the challenges being faced by masses in accessing wallet payments, be it language, connectivity or quality of smartphones.”

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