How StealthMate Can Help You Catch a Cheating Spouse

If you have even the slightest bit of suspicion that your partner is cheating on you, then it is best that you look into the matter carefully rather than jumping to conclusions and ruining your relationship. A safe, convenient and reliable way of doing that is to use a spy app to keep tabs on their phone communications and whereabouts. And when we talk about spy apps, there is none better than StealthMate. Equipped with a handful of powerful features, it works exceptionally well on popular mobile platforms, including the seemingly impenetrable iPhone. Moreover, it doesn’t simply help in catching a cheating spouse, but also reveals considerable information about the person they are having a secret affair with. Curious to know how it goes about doing that? We have absolutely no intention of keeping you in suspense. However, in case you are more interested in learning more about StealthMate and what’s it truly capable of, we advise you to visit its official website.

The Unfaithful Whispers

StealthMate acts as your private investigator, keeping an eye on your spouse 24/7. It maintains a record of their call logs in order to let you know whom they talk to and how often. This can give you an idea about their possible affair. You can check the timing of each call along with its duration to get a better idea about what’s going in. Unfortunately, call logs alone cannot prove anything, which is why it also saves a copy of text messages and WhatsApp conversations. It is very common for cheating spouses to cover their tracks by frequently deleting all their messages and call logs. StealthMate prevents this practice from keeping you in the dark by simply uploading all recorded data to an online control panel that you can access at any time using your personalized login and username.

Unmasking the Secret Lover

In an effort to catch cheating partners red-handed, StealthMate reveals their contact list. If you come across a contact whom your partner frequently talks to or texts, then chances are it belongs to the person your spouse is having an affair with behind your back.

Putting Infidelity on the Radar

A very reliable way of catching a cheating partner is to keep tabs on their location. This of course can raise a lot of suspicion if you do it physically and end up getting caught. Fortunately, StealthMate has you covered in this areas as well. It keeps you updated with your spouse’s whereabouts 24/7, provided your spouse is carrying the mobile device you’ve installed the spy app on with them. Simply call them up and ask them where they are, and confirm their answer through the GPS coordinates of their device uploaded on your user account. If you learn that your spouse isn’t being honest with you, then something is definitely up. Still, it’s best to confront them and politely ask for an explanation instead of overreacting and jumping to the conclusion that they are indeed cheating on you.