GoPro Fusion 360-Degree Camera Launched, Expected to Release 2017-End

GoPro Fusion 360-Degree Camera Launched, Expected to Release 2017-End

GoPro has launched a new 360-degree camera, called GoPro Fusion, that promises to shoot 360-degree videos at 5.2K and 30 frames per second. The spherical camera is designed to be small enough to carry around and use with GoPro’s mounts and accessories. Pricing and exact availability are still unknown as of now.

The GoPro Fusion comes with an OverCapture feature that lets you capture non-VR photos and videos from the 2.5K spherical video in HD-quality. The Fusion is capable for both VR and non-VR content. The camera is also small enough to use with GoPro mounts and accessories.

The company has kept a lot of the camera’s specifications quiet and we’ll only have clearer idea of its innards once it rolls out commercially. The OverCapture feature, essentially lets you record and capture everything and then select the best framing later on.

To sign up for the GoPro Fusion, you will have to apply to participate in a pilot program which started Thursday. GoPro will be working with select pilot partners – including brands, agencies and content professionals. This will allow the company to test its new product with a handful of professionals before a full rollout. A commercial release of the new 360-degree is expected to take place towards the end of 2017 and we’re yet to know the price of the camera.

“Fusion is just that, the ability to capture every angle simultaneously…as though you had six GoPro cameras fused into one,” said GoPro founder and CEO, Nicholas Woodman. “Whether filming for VR or traditional fixed-perspective content, Fusion represents the state-of-the-art in versatile spherical capture.”