Facebook Messenger Introduces Group Video Chat — with Up to Six People at a Time

Facebook has added free group video chat in messenger for up to 6 people at once. This is a feature that has practical small business applications.

Back in September, Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) launched Messenger Instant Video to allow Facebook Messenger users to broadcast real-time video in Messenger text exchanges. Now the social networking giant has introduced Group Video Chat in Messenger, a real-time video option that has practical business applications.

Group Video Chat on Messenger

Group Video Chat in Messenger allows up to six people at a time to “chat face-to-face live as a group no matter where you are – whether you’re down the street or halfway across the world.” Small businesses can use this feature for video conferencing, for example.

If your group is a little larger, Facebook says not to worry because up to 50 friends can join in and choose to just listen in and join via voice, or be on camera. Once more than 6 people are on the call, just the dominant speaker is shown to all participants, Facebook said.

“Group Video Chat in Messenger makes it simple and seamless to stay connected face-to-face,” explained Facebook’s Stephane Taine, Product Manager, Messenger, in a post announcing the news on Facebook’s newsroom blog.

How to Get Started with Group Video Chat in Messenger

To get started with the new Group Video Chat in Messenger, Taine says you’ll need the latest version of Messenger. Once you have the latest version of Messenger, “all you have to do is jump into an existing group conversation, or create a new one. Then tap on the video icon on the upper right of the screen to enter the video chat and everyone in the group will be notified.”

Image: Facebook

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