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Essay on Addiction To Gadgets: Gadgets help us in various ways in life. But when any of us use it for more than the required time, it means we are addicted to this technology. From kids and teenagers to grown-ups, this technology has attracted a person of every age group.

Below you can read the detailed essay on the use of gadgets in our daily life and how it has become an addiction for everyone. These essays are great sources to complete your assignment or get an idea about the topic of essay on addiction to electronic gadgets.

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Long and Short Essays on Addictions To Gadgets for Students and Kids in English

If you are searching for an essay on addictions of gadgets, below you will find two pieces of different lengths that you can use as per your class.

Long Essay on Addictions To Gadgets 500 Words in English

Here is the best essay on the addictions to gadgets for the students of classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Technology has brought a huge change in our daily life. The gift of gadgets it presented to us made life more fun and convenient. There is a wide range of gadgets available in the market, for example, the smartphone, tablet, PSP, iPods, or much more. Hence, one or the other person always has an electronic device in their hand to spend the time.

However, with this, gadget addiction became one of the common issues in today’s generation. It is affecting not just kids; even adults are developing an obsession with their devices. People think they should stay online not to miss something interesting. Whether it is games or birthday celebration posts by friends or relatives, they want to stay updated. As a result, they regularly check their devices.

Indeed, these technological wonders have switched our life for good, yet their overdose can be harmful to our health – mentally and physically both.

People have made them an essential part of their life. They have become as vital as food for everybody. When people try to remain away from the usage of their gadgets, they start showing anxious behavior. Such people calm down only when they get back their devices. However, these signs will differ from a person to person. Like teenagers addicted to gadgets usually become twitchy and disturbed. Further, detachment and lack of concentration from studies are other symptoms in kids who are obsessed with electronic devices. When kids spend more time alone in front of the computer or TV, they lack interest in daily activities and outdoor activities too.

The only method to manage the addiction towards any gadget is to limit the time of using them. Also, in terms of children, a parent must be involved simultaneously to keep an eye on their activities if anything important demands a longer time.

It is an undeniable truth that gadgets eased up our lives a lot, but they should not affect us adversely. We must avoid the extreme use of gadgets. We shouldn’t allow electronic devices to spoil our lives. After returning from work, adults need to restrict their use of gadgets in the home and spend more time with family. Additionally, youngsters must be encouraged to play outside rather than playing games on computers or watching cartoons on TV for a long time. On applying this practice initially, the kids will themselves learn to use the gadgets in limits.

Addiction To Gadgets Essay

Short Essay About Addictions of Gadgets 200 Words in English

Short essay on addictions to gadgets is ideal for kids of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.

Life is so fun now with the help of gadgets that our elders never got to enjoy. From the comfort of our couch, we can order anything, talk to friends, and even play games. But there is another bad side of these electronic devices that we forget to see when using them. Kids always remain in front of the TV or indulged in smartphone games. They stop liking outdoor activities. Moreover, kids fail to learn about family traditions. If you try to stop the children, they become cranky and stubborn.

Moreover, this addiction is also affecting adults. Either for the work purpose or to stay active on social media platforms, grown-ups are missing their family life. They use gadgets till late night that affect their sleep schedule. Hence, health problems arise in adults.

All of us give more attention to gadgets than other healthy activities in life. Even family members are disconnected from each other because they spend more time with gadgets than together. Hence, when you notice such behavior, it is a sign of gadgets addiction, which needs addressing as soon as possible.

10 Lines on Addictions To Gadgets Essay

  1. Addiction to gadgets can destroy our body, mind, and life.
  2. Children show disinterest toward the outdoor activities and toys, which they enjoyed earlier.
  3. Teenagers get very aggressive and restless when you mention about their extended use of the gadget.
  4. As a parent, you must explain to your child how excess use of gadgets can affect their life.
  5. Don’t be angry or scold youngsters instead try to divert their attention to some interesting thing.
  6. Set a time limit to use various gadgets, whether TV, PC, phone, or tablet.
  7. Spend more time with family and children to end yours as well as kids’ attachment with gadgets.
  8. Take an interest in other hobbies, such as reading, painting, gardening, sports, etc.
  9. Plan a day out with friends or cousins rather than chatting with them on Whatsapp or other messenger apps.
  10. Put a parental lock on smartphones to prevent your child from using unnecessary sites and apps.