Content Marketing – Not to Substitute but to Effectively Complement Link Building

The acceptance and reputation of content marketing is growing consistently, which also has created a misconception that it will be substituting link building in a short span of time.

But, the fact is that content marketing may never substitute the power of link building. Instead it will contribute positively towards striking a fine balance between these two. Both of these have significant roles to play in online marketing, and can effectively complement each other.

Content marketing VS. link building

The goals and functions of link building and content marketing are different.

Objectives of content marketing are:

  • To spread a brand’s marketing message and moto to all.
  • To establish the reputation and credibility of a brand.
  • To develop a unique brand image and voice.
  • Help build, nurture, and maintain an effective connection between the provider and the audience.

Whereas, the primary objectives of link building are:

  • To enhance search engine performance, and to attract target audience to the web site or blog.
  • Provide enough access points to the target people to easily reach to your pages.
  • Maximize the reach of quality content, and get new readers and followers.
  • Win right attributions and mentions for the website.

From the above points, you can easily infer that both of these aspects serve a set of unique objectives by functioning in two different parallel ways. A successful Chicago SEO Company marketer need’s both of these to run an effective campaign.

If you think that high-quality content and popular posts can effectively get more links to you instantly without the need for any promotion, you are terribly mistaken. In order to leverage the maximum value of your quality content, you need to actively get more links towards it.

Both of these work the best hand-in-hand

It is a fact that content marketing cannot be replaced with link building or vice versa, these certainly need each other to do well. Getting quality links is almost impossible without quality content. Content is the real value to be offered to the users who follow your links. Some specific points marketers should note are as mentioned below.

  • Link building is a cakewalk if the content is positioned strategically to support the links. The same amount of link building effort can fetch you multifold results with quality content.
  • The above principle also works the other way around. An effective link building strategy can naturally ensure the success of your quality content. Good links can bring in more people to view the content, refer new audience to it, and increase your exposure.

On doing link building, one should first start with proper keyword research and then should move on to exploring the right opportunities to gain quality links. Lack of successful link building strategy may result in wastage of the content, irrespective of how qualified and expert the content is.

Even though Google is brining in more change to the search algorithm, links seem to remain as one of the most efficient ways to win the SEO war. Users also find links are their right directives to connect everything to something else and this interconnectivity is the factor, which now makes the internet exist