Microsoft Retools Minecraft to Teach Kids to Code

A 2-D tutorial version of Minecraft will introduce players ages 6 and older to simple coding, encouraging them to mine and craft by using visual programming, Microsoft said. After completing the tutorial, players will have the opportunity to engage in a bundle of 14 challenges to reinforce what they’ve learned. Building Blocks Minecraft was retooled for students and educators to ... Read More »

Google+ Tries On New Social Media Identity

The site has undergone a major redesign that takes away some of the bloat that slowed down the navigation process, the company said. Its new focus is to serve as a virtual gathering place for people with common interests. “Today we’re starting to introduce a fully redesigned Google+ that puts Communities and Collections front and center,” said Eddie Kessler, director ... Read More »

Huawei’s Fast-Charging Batteries Could Solve Power Users’ Problems

The batteries, developed by Huawei’s Watt Lab, recharge 10 times faster than their competitors and can reach 50 percent capacity in two to five minutes, the company said. Huawei demonstrated two models at the 56th Battery Symposium in Japan last week: a 600-mAh unit that reached 68 percent capacity in two minutes and a 3,000-mAh model that reached 48 percent ... Read More »

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft reveals Enceladus’ north pole in stunning images

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has begun returning its best-ever views of the northern extremes of Saturn’s icy, ocean-bearing moon Enceladus. The spacecraft obtained the images during its Oct 14 flyby, passing 1,839 kilometres above the moon’s surface. Mission controllers said the spacecraft would continue transmitting images and other data from the encounter for the next several days. Scientists expected the north ... Read More »

Researchers create new phase of Carbon, which is harder than diamonds

Q-carbon a new phase of solid carbon, created by researchers at the North Carolina State University, is harder than diamonds. Until now, diamonds have been considered the hardest naturally occurring material, but the discovery of the Q-Carbon heralds several new possibilities. “We’ve now created a third solid phase of carbon,” says Jay Narayan, the John C. Fan Distinguished Chair Professor of ... Read More »

Letv Superphone with 6.33-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 810, 4GB RAM being tested in India

  Letv is rumored to be testing its Superphones in various locations in India. It already confirmed its plans to enter the Indian market by early 2016 with new devices and entertainment content. The LeTV Le Max that was introduced earlier this year is being called the Superphone, but the company plans to launch more Superphones in the Indian market soon. Letv already said that it will customize ... Read More »

SwiftKey launches a symbol-based assistive communication app for Android

SwiftKey Greenhouse recently launched a new app called Symbols. It is a symbol-based assistive communication app for Android that targeted at non-verbal individuals with special needs. The app was developed over the course of our last two Innovation Week events. “We wanted to bring an accessible, free app to people with talking and learning difficulties so that they could communicate more ... Read More »

Flipkart shuts down its eBooks service, will migrate your eBooks library to Kobo

    Flipkart launched its Flyte eBooks service on Android back in November 2012, later it launchedthe eBooks app for iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone 8 devices in August 2013. Now Indian online retail giant has announced that it has shut down its eBooks service and is not selling eBooks anymore. You can still continue to access your eBooks from your library by downloading them ... Read More »

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 scores 131648 points in AnTuTu

Qualcomm had announced the Snapdragon 820 processor earlier this year and it will be available to OEM in early 2016. The processor that was officially launched today in China has appeared on AnTuTu benchmark results. The Snapdragon 820 managed to score an impressive 131,648 on AnTuTu which is probably the highest ranking seen on any of the current chips. Qualcomm showed off ... Read More »

OnePlus teams up with AirConsole for exclusive gaming content

OnePlus has joined hands with AirConsole to create an online gaming system. AirConsole says that while playing games, ” your  browser is the console, your smartphone is the gamepad”. I tried playing a game using an Android device. In order to play a game, you will first have to open on your mobile browser and open the same website on a ... Read More »