New technology can cut aviation emissions?

New technologies have been “hyped” by the aviation industry and media as the key to sustainable air travel, perpetuating a culture of non-accountability for increased emissions and subsequent environmental damage, says a new study. A team of international researchers explored how new technologies such as alternative fuels, solar flight and a range of aircraft design options are presented by industry ... Read More »

U.S. Disrupts China’s Technology Plans

The U.S. government has proved in the past decade that it can stop Chinese companies from buying American ones. It can also eviscerate a Chinese firm’s business by blocking access to American technology. That is the significance of reports that the U.S. Commerce Department may restrict exports of American products to Chinese telecommunications equipment maker ZTE. The company, listed in ... Read More »

Legal battles loom as technological ubiquity creates tensions between privacy and security

The battle between the FBI and Apple over the unlocking of a terrorist’s iPhone will likely require Congress to create new legislation. That’s because there really aren’t any existing laws that govern these technologies. The battle is between security and privacy, with Silicon Valley fighting for privacy. The debates in Congress will be ugly, uninformed and emotional. Lawmakers won’t know which ... Read More »

U.S. technology companies unite behind Apple ahead of iPhone encryption ruling

ech industry leaders including Alphabet Inc’s Google, Facebook Inc, Microsoft Corp , AT&T and more than two dozen other Internet and technology companies filed legal briefs on Thursday asking a judge to support Apple Inc in its encryption battle with the U.S. government. The rare display of unity and support from Apple’s sometime-rivals showed the breadth of Silicon Valley’s opposition ... Read More »

Govt allocates 127 MHz for testing TV whitespace technology

The government has allocated a total of 127 MHzspectrum to eight entities for testing TV whitespace technology which can ensure hassle-free reception ofmobile signals inside buildings and basements. “Government has issued eight licences for carrying out experiments at several places, using TV whitespace technology, in the frequency band 470-582 MHz,” according to written reply by minister for communications and IT ... Read More »

Where Is Technology Placing US Jobs At Risk?

Technological advances are becoming a major threat to lower-skill industries across the world, especially in developing countries. Computerisation and the impact of new technology in general have dramatically altered the labor market in the past and it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. A report published earlier this year byCitigroup C +6.23% shows that an average of 77 percent of jobs ... Read More »

Stealth technology

In 1978, when Clapperton Mavhunga turned six, he had to walk several miles each way to and from his school in rural Zimbabwe. It was not his biggest problem. Zimbabwe’s war for independence was rumbling on, as it had intermittently since the 1960s. Mavhunga’s father, Peter, who was involved with the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army as a local chairperson ... Read More »

Indispensible & Obvious Technology Trends – #4 in the Nasty 6-Pack for Digital Entrepreneurs

This is part 4 of a 6-part series where I discuss a set of start/build/exit best practices for digital entrepreneurs. The first part addressed the processes and people that surround the start/build/exitprocess. The second part was about the players, the entrepreneurs, investors, investment bankers and lawyers. The third part was about pitching, valuing and funding. This part is about what ... Read More »

Technology Has Changed the Patent World

Apple just suffered an important legal defeat to Samsung in its battle over patents. This is good because Apple’s claims were frivolous; its patents were questionable; and its use of litigation to hold back a competitor set another wrong precedent for the industry. Because of these patent wars and patent trolls, technology companies are divesting huge resources to defend themselves ... Read More »

Technology sector slowing in past 3 years in creating wealth

The technology sector, the source of many of the world’s richest individuals, is no longer creating wealth at the rate that it once was, with WealthInsight’s global research of the 10 largest markets for tech high net worth individuals (HNWIs) showing that all but two – Germany and Sweden – have slowed since peaking in 2012-13. In the latest white ... Read More »