Why Huawei’s Hi-Link has the potential to unify the Internet of Things

Smart homes and smart cities have become the buzzwords of tech companies around the world. But the idea has lacked the practicality that can make it really successful. And that is due to an obvious lack of standards, which essentially means everyone is doing their own thing and none of these spheres are really talking to each other.  So while ... Read More »

Audi unveils ‘great quattro’ in the all-new Q7 premium family SUV

Audi Philippines reasserts its presence in the full-size premium SUV segment with the much-awaited arrival of the second-generation Q7 – its all-new, award-winning family SUV. Presented to valued clients, guests, and members of the media during a formal launch at the Audi Greenhills showroom, the Q7 was described by Audi Philippines head Benedicto Coyiuto as “the great quattro,” boasting values ... Read More »

Honda Recalls 90200 Vehicles in India for Fuel Pipe Fix

The recall covers City sedans manufactured between December 2013 and July 2015 and Mobilio MPVs manufactured between June 2014 and July 2015. The company has announced that the voluntary recall is to fix a potentially faulty fuel return pipe which could leak and result in engine stoppage. The company would replace the fuel return pipe and related parts at its ... Read More »

India has to wait for low-cost Windows 10 phones: Microsoft

 For those in India waiting for low-cost Lumia smartphones that come packed with New-Age Windows 10, there is still some time as the company is now focussed on re-branding and launching new generation smartphones to take on big players, a top Microsoft executive has said. “We are sort of re-building so we will start high. New generation smartphones first and ... Read More »

Next-gen Mercedes E-Class interiors revealed

The seats on the new E-Class have also been designed keeping in mind long journeys. Designers say the front seat shape takes its inspiration from dress forms, yielding an ergonomic and stylish execution that is quite comfortable to sit in. While the 2017 E-Class’s interior appointments and technology might sound very confusing and nearly bewildering at first, given the customization ... Read More »

Zomato introduces a chat feature for online food ordering

Zomato has introduced an in-app chat feature for customers who are ordering food online, enabling them to chat with the team at the company about order-related issues.  Zomato’s in-app chat feature is currently available for users in India and UAE. The chat feature has been integrated through a partnership with Konotor, a mobile-first user engagement platform.  Users can currently message ... Read More »

The woman behind NASA’s nine-year mission to Pluto

Alice Bowman will share her leadership insights as the international keynote speaker at The Australian Financial Review Business Summit presented by BHP Billiton in Melbourne from March 15 to 16. NASA NASA engineer Alice Bowman was on the cusp of her greatest career triumph this year, helping to lead the space agency’s first mission to Pluto 4.8 billion kilometres away. ... Read More »

NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory captures image of Jellyfish-shaped Nebula (IC 443)

Using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, astronomers have come across a colorful nebula named officially as IC 443. It is the remnants of a supernova explosion. The nebula is located in the constellation Gemini at a distance of 5,000 light years from Earth. As per a release by NASA, the latest observations of the Jellyfish Nebula hints that explosion could have ... Read More »

A Drop Of Blood That Could Save Your Life: The New Technology of Stroke Detection

A new system could diagnose a stroke in less than 10 minutes. For the 795,000 Americans each year who suffer a stroke, a rapid response diagnostic test may soon be at hand. Scientists at Cornell University’s Baker Institute for Animal Health (BIAH) have created a system that can diagnose whether a stroke has taken place in less than 10 minutes ... Read More »

Facebook is giving away a powerful new technology for building smart computers

Facebook Facebook is giving away the design of this piece of hardware, called Big Sur, that helps computers think and learn. On Thursday, Facebook’s industry-changing Open Compute Project (OCP) took on one of the biggest, most important new fields in tech: machine learning and artificial intelligence.Facebook is giving away for free some hardware designs that make computers smarter and able ... Read More »