Why India’s fintech community needs to use technology to bridge the skills gap

Startup India has not quite been the success story that we had all hoped it would be. Many entrants in the first boom of entrepreneurship that started five years ago have fallen by the wayside either because of inadequate capital availability or poorly researched opportunity analysis. However, the second wave of startups has shown reasonable traction and there is reason to ... Read More »

TechEd – A premier technology event to learn, innovate and network

SAP TechEd, the premier technology event, has been a big draw for enterprise architects, developers, engineers and other IT professionals from across the globe. The event is an annual staple from SAP’s stable organised in the US, Europe and India and it received a similar response in Bengaluru this year. By definition, TechEd is the essential technical training and networking ... Read More »

The future of collaborative technology

Many of today’s most strategic IT leaders are looking for ways to implement a unified communications and collaboration strategy. According to recent research from Ovum, seven out of ten IT leaders are looking to invest in new collaboration technologies in 2020.  This is because the very nature of work is changing and in order to retain talent, IT leaders need to be ... Read More »

Banks must behave ‘more like technology companies’ to survive, finance execs say

Banks must operate more like technology companies in order to stay relevant for years to come, executives in the financial services industry say. “I happen to believe that many banks, perhaps not all, are well-positioned to build brand new products,” David Rafalovsky, chief technology officer at Russian state-owned lender Sberbank, said during a panel at CNBC’s East Tech West event ... Read More »

Silicon Valley Institute Of Technology Launched A Global Scholarship For Women To Bring Exceptional Talent To Silicon Valley

Cindy Blanco, co-founder and CEO of Startup GDL Silicon Valley may be oversaturated, but it still holds a glimmering appeal for those on the outside who want a piece of the tech mecca. Coined as a “startup heaven” for boasting superior networking and financing opportunities, many people are actually leaving the area due to high costs of living and operating. Even ... Read More »

How Pilots Teach Us to Approach New Technology

Three years ago, I piloted an airplane solo for the first time. It was my goal for years and was an exhilarating accomplishment. But while I’d love to claim that it was made possible by my amazing skill, in truth it came to fruition because I followed a proven system. Others who have been lucky enough to fly an airplane ... Read More »

Hyundai develops world’s first active noise control technology

New Delhi: Hyundai Motor Group has developed the world’s first Active Noise Control (ANC) technology, claims the South Korean automaker. As the company says, this technology is capable of reducing the road noise up to 3 dB, ensuring nearly silent cabin environment in engine-free fuel cell electric and EVs. The technology reduces noise by emitting soundwaves inverted to incoming noise. The ANC is a ... Read More »

The Saudi Twitter breach is a warning to all technology companies

WHATSAPP IS suing technology company NSO Group for allegedly exploiting a video-calling vulnerability in the phones of at least 100 activists, journalists and human-rights defenders around the world to infect them with spyware. But why go to the trouble of paying for a high-tech service like that when there’s a cheaper way? The Justice Department this week charged two former Twitter employees with accessing the firm’s ... Read More »

How technology can be optimally used to benefit humans

The objective of most books on digital technology is to position the author as an expert and then to sell the expertise. In Bridgital Nation, the authors assume that the reader knows about digital technology and jump to discussing India’s problems and prescribe solutions. The book sets a quick pace to present solutions in an easy-to-read form, breaking down chapters ... Read More »

5 Ways Microsoft Tells Connected Technology Stories

Microsoft has been a leader in developing new vehicles for storytelling for over two decades now. I had the chance to visit their headquarters in Washington and learn a bit about how they continue to be on the forefront of telling new stories. Here are five ways that Microsoft tells new stories: CAMBRIDGE, MA – AUGUST 30: Microsoft engineers Arthur ... Read More »