Avocados with longer-lasting technology are finally in stores across the country

Is there anything worse than waiting for an avocado to be perfectly ripe, then cutting into it to find mushy brown streaks throughout? So much for what could have been great guacamole or the perfect toast topping. Well, one food-tech startup has created a product that avocado lovers everywhere might get behind — and it’s about to hit one of the ... Read More »

The Technology Of The Future Is Changing Business Today

Tech billionaires Elon Musk and Jack Ma put artificial intelligence in the spotlight when they staged a public debate on the future of the technology earlier this month. Musk reiterated his concern regarding the potentially negative consequences AI could unleash on society, while Ma took a markedly more optimistic tone. Both agreed, however, that the technology will inevitably change the way we live and ... Read More »

Indeed debuts new tech hiring platform for jobs in technology

Despite the great need for tech staff, jobs in technology are notoriously some of the hardest positions for employers to fill. Matching skilled employees with the right company can be a challenge, and, to address this, Indeed has created a new tech-hiring platform, Seen by Indeed, where employers can be matched with candidates of all skill levels.  Seen builds on Indeed’s previous incarnation of ... Read More »

Infosys plans to hire 1,000 locals for its Arizona Technology Innovation Center

Bengaluru: Infosys Ltd today inaugurated its Technology and Innovation Center in Arizona for which it plans to hire 1,000 locals by 2023, the company said. The IT services company also announced that it has surpassed its Spring 2017 commitment to hire 10,000 American workers as part of its ongoing efforts to accelerate the pace of innovation for US enterprises. The Arizona Technology and ... Read More »

How To Keep New Technology From Crippling The U.S. Navy

  The Littoral Combat Ships have been emblematic of the U.S. Navy’s struggles in integrating new technology into the American battle fleet.  AFP/GETTY IMAGES The U.S. Navy is in a tough spot. Sailors need cutting-edge technology, but full-scale vessel, propulsion and large system-level prototypes needed to test new technological approaches are often considered too costly for Congress to fund. Instead, ... Read More »

How technology is changing sports

Gabriel Jesus’s disallowed goal in the English Premier League, between his club Manchester City and Spurs, when a controversial handball decision was given by the video assistant referee (VAR) system, has fuelled the already fierce debate about the use of technology. The handball law was changed in March 2019 due, in part, to the use of VAR. The new rule said a handball ... Read More »

Technology is making us more impatient, says study

Have you changed over the last few years? Beyond, that is, the obvious of now having your nose and eyes buried in a screen for at least 12 hours a day. I’m thinking more about your innards, your soul, your very being. Specifically, have you become a little more irritable? Impatient, even? I only ask because a new study intimates that technology’s ... Read More »

6 Technology Trends to Watch in 2020

As we enter into a new decade, technology will continue to accelerate. We’ll likely see massive developments in space travel, quantum computing, and a significant increase in the proliferation of software into our daily lives.  In the modern era though, it seems like everything around us is constantly changing and getting better; so it can be hard to know which ... Read More »

How Engineers of New Energy Technology Are Taking Cues From Nature

  When we think about renewable energy, we think of rolling fields with windmills or industrial rooftops covered in silicon solar panels designed by human engineers in high-tech labs. As engineers work to make energy systems more efficient and affordable, some are finding inspiration in nature.   Organisms and natural systems have had some 3.8 billion years to evolve. Because energy is ... Read More »

Modernization is about people and processes, not just technology

Government agencies looking to modernize their information technology systems need to keep in mind that the process involves a lot more than technology. It requires a cultural shift away from outdated, slow-moving development processes and toward an open philosophy that focuses on transparency, collaboration, and an iterative but continuous delivery of improvements. If modernization begins and ends with technology, it ... Read More »