On Rainy Scottish Isle, Syrians Struggle to Adapt

The town of Rothesay on the Isle Of Bute, an island off of the west coast of Scotland is seen from a ferry on December 11, 2015. (AFP) From war-torn Syria to a windswept island off the west coast of Scotland, nine newly-arrived refugee families are struggling to adjust to new lives in a very unfamiliar world. “It’s hard. We ... Read More »

Overcoming The Fear Of Spiders, In 2 Minutes

The study is good news for anyone with an abiding fear of spiders. (Representational Image) The tarantula sits in an open cage in the center of the room, dark and hairy and as big as a man’s fist. Its eight thick legs, sharp fangs and large glassy eyes are enough to give anyone the creeps, let alone someone who has ... Read More »

US Welcomes Ground-Breaking Of TAPI Pipeline

Vice President, Hamid Ansari (L), along with President of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdimohamedov (R), President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani (2R) and Pakistan PM, Nawaz Sharif launching TAPI. WASHINGTON:  The US today congratulated India, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan on the recent ground-breaking for the construction of USD 7.6 billion TAPI pipeline crisscrossing the four countries across South and Central Asia. “The United ... Read More »

Maternal Exposure To Anti-Depressant SSRIs Linked To Autism In Children

Researchers identified 4,724 infants (3.2 per cent) who were exposed to antidepressants in utero, with 4,200 exposed ruing the first trimester; 2,532 during the second and/or third trimester. (Representational Image) A new study provides some of the strongest evidence yet that using an antidepressant like Prozac, Paxil or Zoloft during the final two trimesters of pregnancy may be linked to ... Read More »

United Nations Formally Kicks Off Race For Next Secretary-General

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, a former South Korean foreign minister, is due to step down at the end of 2016 after serving two five-year terms. (Reuters) UNITED NATIONS:  The United Nations formally kicked off the race for the next secretary-general on Tuesday and the world body’s 193 members were encouraged to consider putting forward a woman for the top job ... Read More »

2 Palestinians Killed In Car-Ramming Attempts On Soldiers

Two Palestinians were killed at a refugee camp near Ramallah. JERUSALEM:  Two Palestinians were killed overnight in separate attempts to ram their cars into Israeli soldiers carrying out arrests at a refugee camp near Ramallah, Israeli and Palestinian sources said today. “Tonight, during an operation to make arrests of wanted Palestinians and to seize arms in Qalandiya refugee camp, two ... Read More »

Jaitapur Nuclear Project: Shiv Sena Takes Issue To PM Modi

The Jaitapur project is to come up in the state’s Ratnagiri district. MUMBAI:  Voicing its staunch opposition to the Jaitapur nuclear power plant, the Shiv Sena has sent a detailed report on the project to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, highlighting the “adverse impact” it would have on the green belt in Maharashtra’s Konkan region. The lawmakers of Sena, which is ... Read More »

Disgruntled Siberian City Wants Barsik The Cat As Mayor

BARNAUL, RUSSIA:  Fed up with corruption and nepotism among local officials, residents of a far-flung Siberian city are yearning for a more feline kind of political representation. Barsik the cat has been propelled to stardom after finishing far ahead of his human rivals for the post of mayor of Barnaul in an unofficial poll run by a popular regional social ... Read More »

U.S. Navy Commander Implies China Has Eroded Safety of South China Sea

Commander of the US Pacific Fleet Admiral Scott Swift sits in front of a large poster of an Australian Navy frigate at the 2015 Pacific International Maratime Exposition in Sydney, Australia, on October 6, 2015. (Reuters) BEIJING:  A senior American naval commander has implicitly accused China of creating “so-called military zones” close to artificial islands it has built in the ... Read More »

Indian-American’s ‘Super Condom’ Can Help Combat AIDS

Mahua Choudhery and her team of researchers at Texas A&M University have come up with the hydrogel condom which could help in the global fight against HIV. HOUSTON:  Aiming to increase global use of condoms as a way to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS, researchers including an Indian-American professor have developed a new non-latex condom which contains antioxidants ... Read More »