Technology plays a role

There’s always something new theatre artistes bring to the table or stage, as you like it. This year h.g.(Hansel and Gretel) by Trickster-p, and the Corinne Maier-directed Past is Present, both brought to Bengaluru by Sandbox Collective, raised the bar by blending theatre and technology. h.g. was a performance installation, where the spectator walked through nine sensory rooms to experience ... Read More »

New tiny technology can help protect your valuables

DAYTON — Caught in the act! A thief stealing tools from a garage in Dayton. FOX 45 aired video of the theft a few months ago. But now there’s new technology that will soon be introduced to the Miami Valley that can help you fight back. It’s called Protech DNA. This is how it works. Put some glue and specks ... Read More »

How India’s 163-year-old railways is using technology to modernise itself

This year’s railway budget, presented by union railway minister Suresh Prabhu, builds upon the recent steps taken by the government-owned enterprise to give its vast and historic train network a much-needed technological facelift. Moving away from its traditional focus on fares and new trains, this year’s budget focused on improving customer’s travel experiences through a series of passenger-friendly initiatives. The ... Read More »

Accedian Wins 2016 GLOMO Award for Best Technology Enabler

Judged by a panel of independent industry experts, Accedian’s technology was recognized for its ability to provide the real-time, network-wide view of performance and quality of experience (QoE) that acts as the nervous system driving SK Telecom’s software-defined network (SDN), a big data analytics driven, multi-vendor environment. Accedian was credited by the judges as being a foundational technology to deliver ... Read More »

Genetically engineered immune cells are saving the lives of cancer patients. That may be just the start.

eukemia bubbling in her veins. She’d had bags and bags of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. But the cancer still thrived. By last June, the 12-month-old was desperately ill. Her parents begged—wasn’t there anything? There was. In a freezer at her hospital—Great Ormond Street, in London—sat a vial of white blood cells. The cells had been genetically altered to ... Read More »

ECI Hosts Seminar on Leveraging Technology for Transparent and Credible Elections

Welcoming the delegates on behalf of the Election Commission of India, Mr. Umesh Sinha, Deputy Election Commissioner outlined the format of the Seminar, comprising of a Lead Presentation by India and country presentations by delegations from other Election Management Bodies (EMBs) participating in the Seminar. Commissioner Ms. Rosario Graciano de los Santos from Dominican Republic profusely thanked Election Commission of ... Read More »

Rudeness is on the rise in the United States, and consumer

technology is partly to blame. That may seem a harsh indictment for such seemingly innocuous creations as the telephone answering machine, boom box radio-cassette player, and talking computer chip in automobiles. But they are relatively cheap to manufacture and insinuate themselves into every corner of daily life. The result is a decline of civilization as we have known it. As ... Read More »

Can technology help us improve upon reality?

Or imagine being able to diagnose and treat the diseases of people half way around the world while you remain in your clinic, or walking around a gallery and having your own holographic guide pointing things out to you on your smart glasses. These are just some of the exciting examples of what “augmented reality” (AR) technology is beginning to ... Read More »

IBM to cut 185 Brits’ jobs from Global Technology Services

IBM is to cut 185 jobs in its Global Technology Services division in the UK – the latest swing of its corporate axe over the last 24 months. The company started the 45-day redundancy notice period with GTS staff on 15 February after forming a Employee Consultation Committee earlier this month, as we revealed. According to the latest internal memo ... Read More »

The Slow Accumulation Of Technology To Make Ultra-Fast Microscopic Movies

The modern era is, as you probably know, a pretty amazing time to be alive and working in science. It’s not just the super-exotic stories likedetecting gravitational waves that move matter less than the width of a proton, either, but things that are fairly commonplace. It’s now a fairly routine matter to make pictures of materials with a resolution comparable ... Read More »