IESE Business School Adds New Executive Education Director

New York, NY (Press Release – January 5, 2012) – IESE Business School (University of Navarra) is proud to announce that Luis F. Casas has joined IESE U.S. team as Director of Executive Education. Mr. Casas is responsible for developing and promoting open enrollment and customized executive education programs for IESE as the Global business school expands its programs in ... Read More »

Spotlight: Zyrobotics Creates Inclusive Educational Products

Not all kids learn the same. But Zyrobotics wants to make sure that all kids have the opportunity to learn in their own way. The company uses innovative technology to create educational technology for children that is truly inclusive. Read more about the company and its offerings in this week’s Small Business Spotlight. What Zyrobotics Does Provides educational technology for children with differing abilities ... Read More »

Vision 2020: Education Will Change Beyond Recognition

For years, I have patiently waited for innovation in educational technologies. For a variety of reasons, the field simply didn’t take off in the last two decades. But this decade, I think, it is showing signs of a real, exciting, renaissance. Whether it is in the massively open online courses like Khan Academy and MIT’s OCW or edX, or various ... Read More »

Is Video Marketing the Future of Education?

The Internet makes our world smaller and our classrooms larger. Have you noticed the rise in online degrees? That’s the university system using a digital format to educate students in certain fields. The Internet itself is kind of like space, with undiscovered planets of knowledge in various corners of this universe.  Except we don’t need a spaceship to travel through ... Read More »

4 Innovative Wearable HealthCare Tech Companies to Watch in 2016

Imagine this: your aging father just had a heart attack, and since you live clear across the country, you’re worried about how he’s going to cope on his own. Wouldn’t it be great if your father’s medical team could remotely monitor his cardiac symptoms using a device similar to a FitBit? Should anything be amiss with your father’s heart, his ... Read More »

Enjoy Society And Music To Improving IQ

IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient. It is a scientific assessment of your intelligence from regulated tests for measuring abilities for solving problems, spatial imagery, memory and other factors. To increase your intelligence level you should use a simple method of exposing yourself. Be active in your community, social media and the world around you. The more you get connected with ... Read More »

CLen Stacks – Know it better

The stacks of clen are of two types – Beginners stack cycle and Advanced stack cycle. There stack cycles for both men and women. Beginners stack cycle For women would be for three weeks with a dosage of 80mcg per day. For men would be three weeks with a dosage of 160mcg per day. It is best recommended that a ... Read More »

Betraying Your Community’s Trust: A Lesson from the WhatsApp Controversy

For better or for worse, WhatsApp has utterly redefined the way its community communicate using their smartphones. Since its inception in 2010, the intuitively-designed messaging app has exploded in popularity — bursting its way into popular culture and cultivating a formidable user base of over a billion people worldwide. But with great power comes great responsibility. And after announcing a ... Read More »

YouTube “Demonetizes” Some Content, Video Creators Not Happy

A good number of YouTubers who spend hours creating content on the popular video-sharing website are now up in arms protesting YouTube’s enforcement of its “not advertiser-friendly” guidelines. The platform is now starting to withhold paychecks for videos that are marked as inappropriate for advertising. And for those who operate one or a series of YouTube channels as virtual businesses, ... Read More »

5 Effective Social Media Best Practices for Your Business

Today, an average person spends a minimum of three hours each day on social media sites. If your small business doesn’t know how to create a Facebook page for your new business, or where to begin when it comes to Pinterest, start by figuring out those tasks. Once you have your presence established on the right social media sites for ... Read More »