9 Bizarre Social Media Apps That You Never Even Thought Actually Exist

The social media world is a fascinating one and with a multitude of online tools, there’s simply no room for boredom. From dating to that of gaming, social media apps play a massive role in our daily activities and are more often than not  tailored to one’s tastes.

Apart from apps that help you book cabs and swipe right on Tinder, there’s whole world of strange apps that will take you by surprise. Brace yourself!

1. Drunk Lock

If you are sick of those drunk calls, texts, embarrassing Facebook lives, there’s an app that saves you from all of it, the Drunk Locker!

So just before you decide to guzzle bottles of beer, hit the lock button on the app and you are safe!

2.  Send Me To Heaven App


The goal of this strange app is to throw your phone as high as you can, then catch it. The game detects the time that the phone is in zero gravity.

The game allows you challenge your friends to see who gets the higher score and the risk of breaking one’s device. But after compliants of damaged devices, the game was eventually banned from Android and Apple stores.

3. iFrenchkiss


This app scores your kissing skills based on an actual technique. It comes with a ‘kissing analysis engine’, which sees whether you are a good kisser or not. If you have doubts about your skills, this app is your guiding light.

4. Procraster