7 Convincing Reasons That Students Need Technology in Classroom

Technolog­­­­y– a word that is ruling the modern times with its unparalleled services and unbelievable possibilities. We have come to a point where it has become almost impossible to drag ourselves away from this new-generation companion. Nowadays, technology has stepped in into classrooms as well.

More and more schools and coaching institutes are opting for technology in classrooms for enhancing their student’s capabilities and knowledge. And if you think that you are still oblivious to this fact then we bring to you 7 convicting reasons that students need technology in the classroom.Let’s take a look!

#1 Increases Engagement and Promotes Activeness

Digital platforms like Aakash iTutor can be easily underlined as a blessing for students aiming to make it big in the medical field. Not only do these new-age platforms promote self-paced learning through high-quality e-books and chapter specific tests, they also turn boring and conceptual subjects like physics and chemistry fun and engaging to learn through video content and e-books.

#2 Preparing for the Digital Tomorrow

With the launch of Digital India programme by the Government of India, it becomes clear that technology will play a tremendous role in empowering the society and one must get himself/herself acquainted with the digital arena. Introducing technology in classrooms comes as the first step towards this digital revolution.

#3 The Interactive Learning

The recent technological invention in the education field has provided a plethora of options to help the children in their learning process even when they are at home. For instance, an online platform called Aakash livedelivers Live lectures by experinced Aakash faculty and also solves their doubts through online interaction, during the class. Through this online interaction, the students who are generally hesitant to ask questions can also get a chance to participate freely and learn their concepts with more interest.

#4 Empowering Teachers

Technology in classrooms not only helps students in gaining knowledge but empowers their teachers as well. Will it not be encouraging for a teacher when students show a keen interest in classrooms making teaching a fun experience too? Of course, it will be. Through digital learning, the teachersalso get the chance to update their teaching methods offering the students tools to tackle the challenges of the digital era.

#5 The Ease of Accessibility

It’s not just the digital programs that charm the students, technology has brought new study companions for the students. Tablets, mobiles, and PCs have emerged as the best choices for the tech-savvy students. They love to study on their tablets where they can easily access books, videos, online mock tests, etc., to accentuate their knowledge. A digital alternative to the bulky textbooks are e-books. Available at a tap of button, they promote easy content search and do not create a stack of books on the desk. In addition, budding medical professionals can easily prepare for the upcoming NEET online test using them at any convenient spot. The hassle of carrying around bulky books is easily eliminated with e-books.

#6 Way to Effective Learning:

Learning becomes fun with technology. Its effective techniques can turn any complex topic into an easy one with the use of audio-visual tools. With the help of touch screen technologies and online presentations, students understand the topics instead of just cramming them into their minds. Students preparing for competitive exams also find great help from the exclusively designed educational programs that can help them in effective coaching. Schools can also organize online lectures of expert Aakash faculty for their students through Aakash iTutor.Now isn’t this an effective way to promote learning?

#7 Making Practice a New Hobby of Students

With a plethora of mock test available online, students find it a feasible task to practice daily on their curriculum. Be it NEET online test or JEE online test; they can access tests on any topic or field. Mock tests (that are easily available online) can easily help individuals in identifying their weak areas so that they can further master the topic.