Hubble Survey Unlocks Clues to Star Birth in Neighbouring M31 Galaxy

After analysing images of 2,753 young, blue star clusters in the neighbouring Andromeda galaxy (M31), astronomers with the help from “citizen scientists” have found that M31 and our own Milky Way have a similar percentage of new-born stars based on mass. By nailing down what percentage of stars have a particular mass within a cluster called Initial Mass Function (IMF), ... Read More »

Nasa ‘Hedgehog’ Robots to Hop and Tumble in Microgravity

Traditional Mars rovers roll around on wheels and they cannot operate upside-down in rough terrain. To overcome this problem, Nasa scientists are building a Hedgehog robot that will hop and tumble on the surface instead of rolling on wheels. Along with researchers from Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Nasa team is building a five-kg robot that ... Read More »