A Drop Of Blood That Could Save Your Life: The New Technology of Stroke Detection

A new system could diagnose a stroke in less than 10 minutes. For the 795,000 Americans each year who suffer a stroke, a rapid response diagnostic test may soon be at hand. Scientists at Cornell University’s Baker Institute for Animal Health (BIAH) have created a system that can diagnose whether a stroke has taken place in less than 10 minutes ... Read More »

Facebook is giving away a powerful new technology for building smart computers

Facebook Facebook is giving away the design of this piece of hardware, called Big Sur, that helps computers think and learn. On Thursday, Facebook’s industry-changing Open Compute Project (OCP) took on one of the biggest, most important new fields in tech: machine learning and artificial intelligence.Facebook is giving away for free some hardware designs that make computers smarter and able ... Read More »

New Human Skin Detection Technology For Improved Security

Many current image recognition programmes employ hyperspectral imaging systems, which allow engineers to search for a wide variety of objects – exoplanets, oil wells, or human skin. (Representational Image) WASHINGTON:  Scientists have developed a new technology that can better characterise human skin using spectral imaging of melanin, hemoglobin and water, which could improve security, search and rescue operations. Spectral imaging ... Read More »

New technology meets old labor laws in the gig economy

On December 9, the Brookings Institution’s Hamilton Project hosted a series of panel discussions in an event titled “Modernizing labor laws in the online gig economy”.  The two panels focused on the impact of the gig economy on its workers as well as a proposal for modifying labor laws to accommodate a new category of workers. The discussion was framed ... Read More »

Infosys to create 250 new technology jobs in Ireland

(The new roles are in addition…) LONDON: Software services giant Infosys will expand its operations in Ireland, doubling the number of staff in the country to 500 in three years and setting up its first product-centric research and development centre outside India. “I am delighted to welcome 250 new jobs at Infosys. This is a vote of confidence in Ireland, ... Read More »

Devendra Fadanvis calls on farmers to adopt new agriculture technology

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadanvis has called on farmers to adopt new technologies in order to improve and increase their farm yield, which will ultimately result in their well being. Inaugurating the 7th edition of agriculture festival ‘Agro Vision’ here last evening, Fadanvis said due to rapid changes in climate, embracing new methodology and technologies was the “need of the ... Read More »

Climate change deal has no winners or losers, says PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today described the landmark climate change deal reached in Paris last night as the victory of “climate justice”. He said there are no winners or losers in the outcome and appreciated how every country rose to the challenge for reaching the agreement at the Conference of Parties (COP)-21. “Outcome of #ParisAgreement has no winners or losers. ... Read More »

Modi govt adopted zero tolerance towards terrorism: Rajnath Singh

Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday said that the NDA government had adopted a zero tolerance policy towards terrorism and was committed towards making India a secular and safe nation to live in. Commemorating the 14th anniversary of the Parliament attacks, Rajnath Singh said that the country would never forget the supreme sacrifices made by the martyrs in the tragic ... Read More »

Parliament should function through debate, not disruption, says President Pranab Mukherjee

President Pranab Mukherjee today said Parliament should function through debate and not disruption. “There are three D’s through which Parliament functions. These are debate, dissent and decision,” Mukherjee said while delivering the keynote address in memory of former prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru at Calcutta University Centenary Hall in Kolkata. “I never heard of the fourth ‘D’, which is disruption… Parliamentary ... Read More »

Explained: What is Ola, Uber’s surge pricing and how to avoid it

After months of affordable travel in Ola and Uber cabs, commuters in cities like Delhi and Mumbai are now finding that the travel has become costly. Reason: almost all the time now there is “surge pricing” going on. So when you take a cab nowadays, you don’t pay the regular fare. Instead, you shell out the fare multiplied by the ... Read More »