Intex announces washing machine range starting at Rs 10,750

Intex has announced a new range of washing machines, WMS76FT and WMS76ST at Rs 10,750 and Rs 11,000 respectively. The washing machines come with a 7.6kg capacity and is available in maroon and grey colours. These are semi-automatic washing machines and come with salt-water technology and claims to help in balancing the spinning basket. This significantly reduces reduces noise produced ... Read More »

Spider Designs announces Bluetooth-enabled skate board for Rs 34,550

Spider Designs has announced its self balancing skate board with Bluetooth connectivity for Rs 34,550. The skateboard moves with movement of the body, whether pushed in front slightly to go ahead or body weight set a little back to make it stop. It comes with lights for better functioning during evening or night. It will available on all leading portals ... Read More »

Android to iOS: Apple makes switching ecosystems easier than ever

I have been an Android user for more than five years now. My first Android smartphone came with Eclair (a toffee I still like) and last was Marshmallow (a dessert I wish to try soon). I have seen Android on a Galaxy, but then I decided to switch my loyalty. I had good reasons to switch – my Moto X ... Read More »

Audio-Technica launches three new over-ear headphones in India

Audio-Technica has announced the launch of three new over-ear headphones in India. The new launch includes ATH-WS550iS, ATH-WS770iS and ATH-WS1100iS headphone models. As one would expect from any Audio-Technica headphones, the focus is on offering impactful bass along with accurate midrange and treble. The headphones come with company’s deep motion drivers technology for super heavy bass experience. The headphones also ... Read More »

Asus R510 entry-level gaming laptop launched in India at Rs 69,990

Asus has officially launched new entry level gaming laptop, R510 in India. The laptop is attractively priced at Rs 69,990. The Asus R510 features a 15.6-inch Full HD display and will come with matte black top case. Under the hood, the laptop is powered by Intel Core i7 processor coupled with 4GB of internal memory, 4GB of RAM and 1TB ... Read More »

Letv Superphone with 6.33-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 810, 4GB RAM being tested in India

  Letv is rumored to be testing its Superphones in various locations in India. It already confirmed its plans to enter the Indian market by early 2016 with new devices and entertainment content. The LeTV Le Max that was introduced earlier this year is being called the Superphone, but the company plans to launch more Superphones in the Indian market soon. Letv already said that it will customize ... Read More »

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 scores 131648 points in AnTuTu

Qualcomm had announced the Snapdragon 820 processor earlier this year and it will be available to OEM in early 2016. The processor that was officially launched today in China has appeared on AnTuTu benchmark results. The Snapdragon 820 managed to score an impressive 131,648 on AnTuTu which is probably the highest ranking seen on any of the current chips. Qualcomm showed off ... Read More »

OnePlus teams up with AirConsole for exclusive gaming content

OnePlus has joined hands with AirConsole to create an online gaming system. AirConsole says that while playing games, ” your  browser is the console, your smartphone is the gamepad”. I tried playing a game using an Android device. In order to play a game, you will first have to open on your mobile browser and open the same website on a ... Read More »

It’s true, consumers find smartwatches pointless

As smartphone sales show signs of slowing down, for many technology companies, wearables, particularly smartwatches, seem to be the next growth market. Tech giants like Apple, Google, Samsung are hedging big bets on wearables. Apple’s Watch, which was launched back in April, has made the company the second biggest wearable company in the world. But consumers tell a different story. ... Read More »

Apple iPad Pro launched in India, price starts at Rs 67,900

On Friday, we reported that Apple will be launching the iPad Pro next week in India for Rs 67,900. It turns out that Apple has already secretly launched the iPad Pro in India, though the company hasn’t made an official announcement. The 32GB model with Wi-Fi will cost Rs 67,900, while the 128GB version is available for Rs 79,900. The ... Read More »