Google Makes Maps Useful in the Boonies

Users can download a regional map — say, a city, county or country — either by tapping “download” on a search result or by going to “Offline Areas” in the Google Maps menu and tapping on the “+” button. The downloaded map will function in offline mode automatically when the user enters an area with poor or no connectivity, and ... Read More »

Valve’s Steam Gaming Hardware Hits Home

Valve this week rolled out the hardware phase of its road map from bedrooms and basements to living rooms and lounge areas with its long-awaited video game controller, PC link box and Steam boxes. Valve’s road map to the living room began with Big Picture mode in 2011, continued with in-home streaming in 2014, and now includes the new Steam ... Read More »

Ford to Test Autonomous Vehicles at Mcity

Ford on Friday announced that it will be the first automaker to test its autonomous vehicles at Mcity, a full-scale simulated urban environment that was developed as part of the University of Michigan’s Mobility Transformation Center. The site will allow Ford to test its autonomous vehicle fleet close to its Dearborn, Michigan, headquarters, taking advantage of the diverse roads and ... Read More »

Apple Faces Twitter Storm Over Mac App Security Glitch

The expiration appeared to impact a number of apps, including Acorn, Byword, Daisy Disk, Tweetbot and 1Password. It’s likely that the incident occurred due to problems with the security certificate management system. “The big firms, providers of applications and services, want to maintain control of the services and software they are selling,” noted Ian Trump, security lead at Logic Now. ... Read More »

Comfy Earbuds, Barking Bots, and USB Killers

Welcome to Gadget Dreams and Nightmares, the column that somehow stopped reading Internet rumors about the new Star Wars movie long enough to pore over the latest gadget announcements. In our rebel base this week are moldable earbuds, a robot dog, a permanent USB security lock, and a battery to turn a regular smoke alarm into a smart one. These ... Read More »

Microsoft Gives Gamers a New Xbox One Experience

Support for legacy Xbox games is the headliner for the NXOE, but the roughly 1.15-GB update also includes new social elements baked into a reworked interface. The refreshed Xbox One interface is faster and more social, the company said. Microsoft could have coordinated the recent launch of a more robust version of the Xbox One, including a new eSports controller ... Read More »

Bose SoundTouch 10 review: Classic Bose Sound now becomes affordable

Bose has been upgrading its portfolio with one wireless device after the other. The latest is the most Bose SoundTouch 10, the most affordable in the series. SoundTouch series seems to be winding up to woo a lot of Indian users who would have otherwise looked for cheaper options. It also comes equipped to take on the challenges of the ... Read More »

RoboBee is the first tiny robot that can fly and swim

For the first time, scientists have designed an insect-like robot smaller than a paperclip that can both fly and swim – paving the way for future dual aerial aquatic robotic vehicles. The biggest challenge is conflicting design requirements: aerial vehicles require large airfoils like wings or sails to generate lift while underwater vehicles need to minimise surface area to reduce ... Read More »

DJI launches its first agricultural drone, Agras MG-1

DJI launched its first agricultural drone, Agras MG-1 capable of crop-dusting over seven-10 acres per hour. It features Intelligent Flight Modes and will initially be only available in China. The company says that the drone is dust-proof, water-resistant and made of anti-corrosive material. It can also be folded up for easy transport and storage. Agras MG-1 can fly at up ... Read More »

Hifiman HE400S planar headphone with open back design launched in India

Hifiman has announced the availability of its high performance HE400S planar headphone in India. The new HE400S will retail for Rs 23,999 from Hifinage. The Hifiman HE400S comes with specially designed earpads for better comfort. It is extremely light weight and offers great efficiency. The Hifiman HE400S has a frequency response of 20-35Hz abnd sensitivity of 98dB. The headphone offers ... Read More »