Windows 10 Preview, LG G4 Phone Both Unveiled

New technology ruled the news this week. And that technology might be of interest to small business owners too as they build stronger companies through better operating systems and mobile technology.

Microsoft and LG were among the companies with new products to show, even if they aren’t available to your business just yet. Take a look at this week’s Small Business Trends news roundup for more:

Technology Trends

Windows 10 Preview Reveals Mail and Calendar Upgrades

The launch of Windows 10 is set for later this summer, the official Windows blog reports. And excitement is building, The latest technical build preview was recently revealed, giving more of a taste of what customers can expect from Windows 10. Here are some takeaways from this sneak-peek.

New LG G4 Smartphone Upgrades Camera and Adds Luxury

LG has just unveiled its newest smartphone, the LG G4. The successor of the G3 is boasting some nice upgrades from it’s predecessor. A beefed up camera and real leather back are some of the changes customers can expect to see. In fact, one of the biggest upgrades on the LG G4 from the previous model is the phone’s 16MP camera.

Charge Your Apple Watch, iPhone and More with the NuDock Lamp

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the new Apple Watch. This anticipated wearable device has been in high demand and companies are already jumping on the Apple Watch bandwagon. MiTagg is one such company that is looking to not only cash in on the Apple Watch hype but also solve a possible frustration Apple’s new product presents.

Can the Samsung Galaxy S5 Let Hackers Steal Your Fingerprint?

Your fingerprint is unique to you. The fingerprint scanner for added security on your smartphone makes sense, right? Unfortunately, it looks like that added security might be more of a liability. Researchers claim a flaw found in certain Android devices could let hackers clone your fingerprint authentication and use it for additional cyberattacks and potential theft.

New Samsung Gear VR Looks Like Something Out of Sci-Fi

Samsung’s Gear VR headset, compatible with both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, is now available for pre-order on Best Buy’s website. By attaching one of the two mobile devices to the front of the headset, a user can be immersed into a dramatic panoramic virtual reality to experience not just games but also video and images too. The revamped Gear VR is priced at $249.

Google’s Own Wireless Service is Officially Launching with Project Fi

The rumors are true. Google is launching its own wireless service called Project Fi. The new service was announced recently, and the company says its goal is to create a fast and easy wireless experience. Not everyone will be able to jump onto the new service right away, however. Currently, Project Fi is invite-only and can only be accessed by those owning a Nexus 6 smartphone.

Online Marketing

Google for Retail is Now Ready for Business

For a small business, it can be intimidating trying to compete with larger companies. Since your brand isn’t as recognizable as others, it can be easy to get lost. That’s why Google is furthering its efforts to help small businesses attract new customers online with the launch of Google for Retail.

Uh Oh. Facebook Is Restricting Data on Other Platforms

If your small business has a presence on Facebook, and it certainly ought to, you should know about a pending policy change set for this week. On April 30, Facebook will no longer allow third-party apps to export your data — including your Facebook contacts, profile photos and messages — into other applications.

How Handmade eCommerce Sites Gain From Etsy’s Growth

Etsy went public recently. The popular website for buying and selling arts and crafts has made a huge impact on the market. Still, the IPO met with some skepticism when first announced, with key concerns stemming from Etsy’s unprofitable growth. The forecast for Etsy’s longterm profitability is hazy as well.


Small Businesses Feel Aftershocks of Baltimore Riots

Baltimore businesses are dealing with riots, looting and violence — as well as a citywide curfew imposed on April 28 — following civil unrest stemming from the suspicious death of a 25-year-old black man while in police custody. Because of the curfew, enforced within the city between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., restaurants and other businesses need to close earlier than usual.


CEO Uses His Own Salary to Raise Employee Wages to $70,000

Many companies have raised their minimum wages in recent years in order to compete for better talent. But one company is taking that concept to a whole new level. Dan Price, founder of Gravity Payments, recently announced to his employees that the company is raising its minimum annual salary to $70,000.

Green Business

Fashion Revolution Calls for More Ethical, Sustainable Manufacturing

There’s a revolution happening within the fashion industry. And big brands and high-profile designers aren’t the ones leading the way. Instead it’s a series of startups and independent designers with quality, sustainably, and ethical manufacturing on their minds. Fashion Revolution Day, which started last year, is a special day set aside for these goals.

Small Biz Spotlight

Spotlight: Persona Offers a Unique Pizzeria Experience

Opening a pizzeria isn’t exactly a novel idea for a business. You can find restaurants that serve pizza nearly anywhere. But one thing you can’t find too often is a pizzeria run by an Italian trained Pizzaiolo and a classically trained chef. That is, unless you are near Persona Wood Fired Pizzeria.

Small Business Operations

Twitter Chat Looks at EMV Chip Card Revolution

EMV chip cards are coming as a replacement for traditional magnetic strip cards.

Brody from Steelcase is a One Person Work Pod

Most offices today use some kind of cubicle or open office system. That means workers often sit next to, across from, or are otherwise surrounded by their coworkers. While this may be an effective use of space, it isn’t always conducive to high worker productivity.


Now You Can Hire a Professional Bridesmaid

Weddings are mainly considered to be happy occasions. But they can also be incredibly stressful, particularly for the brides. As a six-time bridesmaid, Jen Glantz knew the stressful nature of weddings quite well. So she turned it into a business opportunity, granting the ability to hire a bridesmaid.


5 Payroll Filings That Will Keep Your Business in Tax Compliance

So you’ve expanded your small business, you’ve hired a few people and are generating an inkling of revenue. You need to put a payroll system in place, whether you have one employee or 50. Amazingly, the U.S. Census Bureau reports that about three-quarters of all U.S. business firms have no payroll. And most of these are small business owners like yourself.