Volkswagen Developing New Lighting Technologies

Whenever we talk about cars or two-wheelers, we usually end up discussing engine performance, fuel efficiency, ride and handling and so on! When was the last time you discussed about automotive lighting while discussing cars! Let us guess, the answer is probably, never! There is so much to an automobile than what meets the eye! With rapid strides being made in engine technology, performance and other areas, we often forget that lighting too is a very, very crucial in a car or a two-wheeler.

(The tail lamps project red lines which demarcate the width of the car)

Interactive lighting technologies are the next big thing in automotive world. The very fact that there is so much scope of communication with just automotive lighting just blows the mind away… For example, there are lighting technologies in development, which offer the scope for animation on the tail lamps which can display not only text but also graphics to the vehicles coming in from the rear. This can be used to communicate data about traffic, road blocks, and dangers ahead and so on!