Top Tech Products for Your Business

Shopping for technology products is unnecessarily confusing for many small businesses, for three reasons:

(1) There’s a lot of technology available in the marketplace. It does not always fall neatly into apples-to-apples categories, either, especially now when we are undergoing rapid technology disruption in a number of product areas. For instance, the telecommunications area is going through a massive shift with so much disruptive technology, making it difficult to compare all the choices.

(2) Too many technology products are described using overly technical lingo. Sometimes it feels like you need the Rosetta Stone just to figure out what the products do.

(3) Smaller tech providers have trouble getting a voice in the market. This makes it harder to learn about new up-and-comers. These new players may have more attractive offerings than the established players. The only trouble is, you may not know about them.

Recently, however, I found a promising resource to learn about products for the small business market. It’s called Small Business Technology Magazine. It’s a print magazine published quarterly and it also has a website. The magazine is put out by the Small Business Technology Institute, a non-profit organization.

I just received my copy of the print magazine containing the rundown of the top technology products for small businesses as determined by Small Business Technology Magazine. If you are planning to make any tech purchases, I strongly recommend checking out Small Business Technology Magazine’s list of top 2006 technology products.