Top 100 Trending Topics for Pinterest Marketers Heading Into 2017

Top 100 Pinterest Trends for 2017

Pinterest has revealed trends it predicts will dominate in 2017.

The third annual Pinterest 100 report (PDF) narrows down the top trends in 10 key categories the image sharing social network expects to be hot in the new year.

The list has been compiled by Pinterest’s insight team, which gleaned the most popular trends that saw considerable year-over-year increase in interest on the platform.

Here’s a quick overview of the topmost trends in the 10 categories.

Top Pinterest Trends for 2017 in 10 Categories

Wellness: Ab Exercises You Haven’t Tried

The trend to stay fit and flat is here to stay. Ab exercises, in particular, have gained considerable attention. Ab exercises you haven’t tried has seen a whopping 2000 percent increase in popularity over the last three to six months.

Beauty: R.I.P Coffin Nails, Chrome is Killing It

Celebrities like Kylie Jenner have made the R.I.P Coffin Nails extremely popular among youngsters. Thanks to these nail junkies, R.I.P Coffin Nails have seen a 570 percent increase in popularity.

Women’s Style: We Need to Talk About Your Flair

In this popular category, pins, patches and stickers are the clear winner. They have reported a massive 800 percent increase in popularity over the last three to six months.

Men’s Style: Introducing Health Goth

What’s in with the guys these days? Apparently, it’s a lot of black athleisure-leaning styles that create an exaggerated profile and tribal aesthetic. The health goth trend has gained 214 percent in popularity on Pinterest.

Home: Nighstands

When it comes to home décor, most Pinterest users are looking for cool nightstands. This trend has seen a 721 percent increase in popularity in the past few months.

Personal Interests: Crystal Healing

People are not interested in buying gemstones to just accessorize their dresses. A large number of Pinterest users are actually keen to know how crystal can cure ailments and protect against diseases. This trend that has seen a 2,000 percent increase in popularity.

Travel: Cultural Events

For travelers, cultural events hold the maximum appeal. A 1,450 percent increase in popularity clearly shows people are interested in more than just the typical tourist sights.

Life Events: Wedding DJs

More people are interested in getting the right wedding DJs for their big occasion. According to Pinterest, this trend has witnessed a 1,491 percent popularity over the past few months.

Food: Buddha Bowls

Move over plain old plates and make way for Buddha bowls that have gained 200 percent increase in popularity.

Kids: Learning Spanish

Learning a second language is in vogue. Spanish, in particular, is the most popular, according to Pinterest. This trend has seen a 305 percent increase in popularity.

Insights for Your Business

So how does all this impact your small business. Well, if  you operate an online store catering to any of the the above interests, take heed. The report reveals 75 percent of content on Pinterest comes from businesses — where users are seeking out ideas from brands. This makes it easier for businesses on Pinterest to connect with shoppers and potential customers for their products and services than on most other social media networks.

The platform also claims 55 percent of the people on Pinterest are on the platform looking and shopping for products. So when business owners use Promoted Pins to target these highly motivated potential customers, the result should not be surprising. The Pinterest report claims the promoted content results in five-times the industry average in sales as a result. Is it worth promoting your products or services on Pinterest as well?

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